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By Dzoelx | Pascal blockchain | 13 Dec 2019



At about 19:00hrs (GMT), we ‘BLAISED' past the 378,000th block on the pascal blockchain, reaching the required amounts of block set to activate the v5 protocol upgrade via hardfork. Few hours later, the hardfork completed and we are pleased to announce that the much anticipated V5 protocol implementation is live on the pascal blockchain. With all its features going live after the hardfork, the V5 protocol is unarguably the most exciting upgrade on the pascal blockchain.

Much of a news already! Busy times for all key-team and community members involved in this process! The building process is a very adventurous one with a feel of awe and stress, throughout the times of developing the V5 features, the Pascal devs have tirelessly worked on adding new features as proposed by the pips and enhancing these features to ensure that the users get a perfect feel of the technology. Another busy week for Pascal as well as most other blockchain projects.

The V5 protocol opens up many opportunities for the Pascal project, some of these we have discussed in previously. The developers will build on these features to develop more usecases for the Pascal blockchain. We keep building!
Over the past couple of weeks we’ve made announcements urging every user to upgrade to the new version. If you’re yet to do so, kindly click here to learn how to upgrade to the new version.

The upgrade also affected many features of the previous version such as the screensaver mining. The screensaver mining feature is enabled by the Rhminer1 which is yet to be upgraded to the Rhminer2 which is supported by the V5, upgrade to the Rhminer2 is currently in the works, once this is done, the screensaver mining as well other features powered by the Rhminer will return to normal functioning, and even better!. Users on certain exchanges which are yet to upgrade to the new version might experience come hitches, this will be fixed once the exchange upgrade to the V5, which will be as soon as possible!

Pascal community management

Take some time to read our previous discussion article on the pascal v5 protocol opportunities series, we explained explicitly how the pascal DAO team is working hard to draft a good community management and economic management plan for the Pascal project. Pending community votes and actual implementation, the pascal team is tirelessly working to achieve a stable leadership plan and a good to ensure that the community comes first in the project as we continue working to improve pascal projects at all round!
Stay with us, hook up with us on our several social media outlets, feel free to make your suggestions, complaints and inquiries known, exciting times! ,stay tuned…

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