State of the project: Monthly newsletter for Pascal blockchain.

State of the project: Monthly newsletter for Pascal blockchain.

By Dzoelx | Pascal blockchain | 1 Apr 2020



The Corona virus pandemic has hit the global economy hard with most stocks shedding off tangible gains, while others have recorded huge losses. Financial institutions around the world faces what has been a nightmare, however this comes second in the list of issues facing the world currently as the health institutions are having their busiest time trying to save lives and curb the present effects of the corona Virus pandemic while working hard to also prevent escalation of the situation. With much pessimism surrounding the world especially the health and financial sector, we fall into a period of uncertainty.

The cryptosphere hasn’t been left out in this hit, being a notable part of the global financial system and asset market. Cryptocurrencies have seen have seen a huge loss in prices with most cryptocurrencies suffering tangible double figures losses.

Pascal coin in particular have been in the red zone, relatively, for a while, the project have been faced with negative price actions steaming from various market trends, with the pandemic, this situation has worsened.
Fortunately, the developers have been known with a passion to build a blockchain of possibilities which powers different real life use cases, the zeal to achieve this aim overrides the numerous challenges the project have faced.

Amidst the harsh market weather, Pascal developers and governance team have continued the development of the project with the community staying strong behind the development team.

We’ve gone past a couple of weeks since the last project report. Much have happened over this time and it’s a good time to put a pause and bring to you the highlights of the past couple of weeks.

 Translation of Pascal classic wallet 


The pascal classic wallet is the oldest Pascal wallet and have served pascal coin holders throughout this period of time, allowing users access every feature of the pascal blockchain and providing security of assets and flexibility in management of funds.
Pascal classic wallet user interface is primarily written in English language —being one of the most popular languages around the world.

Apart from users in English-speaking countries of the world, the pascal classic wallet is also used by cryptocurrency enthusiasts from other parts of the world where the English language is not widely used or not the primary language. Users from this region face a huge challenge using the classic wallet on their personal computer.

As regards this, we are pleased to announce that we have developed a solution to simply translate the classic wallet to various languages so as to allow users get the best experience while using the classic wallet.

The mobile (BLAISE) wallet is already translated into several languages. With the development of the technical solution for translating the classic wallet, we will work hard as soon as possible to translate the classic wallet to as many languages as possible, this process will be continuous and many languages will added on users' request.


Pascal Version 5.3 bug fixes 

Despite releasing the Pascal version 5 (five) on the last quarters of the previous year, the pascal V5 have improved rapidly from the original release, we have added any new features and enhanced many existing features in a bid to provide users with the very best experience.

Our developers recently discovered an "out of memory" bug that has special effect on new Nodes (Fresh nodes) or nodes that had been offline for a significant time. This bug has been fixed using a filememory (TTemporalFileStream) instead of memory to mitigate usage and prevent "out of memory"
We have also fixed some bugs which have been noticed by our users and developers as well. We are in continuous research for new features and also working towards developing these features as we strive to deliver the best technology on the pascal blockchain.

A new Release 5.3 has been made fixing found bugs:


Project governance and fund management 

Development of the pascal blockchain and management of the project is backed by the community behind the project Pascal is a community-driven project and the community represents the major influence on all decision making and decision taking processes.

Transparency is paramount as the community retains the rights to accurate and time-based information.

With respect to this, the pascal key-team has everything been working to develop more transparent means of community funds management which includes approval of financial proposals, payment of contractors and rewarding contributors and volunteers.

As a solution to this, we have elected a three-man team for the approval and remittance of payment from the development funds. And a custodian of the project financial accounts.

The three-man team assumes tasks of assessing payment claims and approval of the claim after due enquiries, the custodian handles the development fund accounts and releases funds after approval by the three-man team. Initial approval of proposals is the duty of the community, however the aforementioned personnel scrutinizes the claim for payments after these proposals have been satisfied. All received funds and payments are properly documented and always available to the community.


Ask me Anything (AMA) programme 

Before the Corona virus pandemic took a huge effect on the global financial and health system, we have been working on hosting an AMA on the Vite exchange telegram channel. Unfortunately, this couldn’t go ahead as planned as the pandemic’s harsh effects crippled most activities.

With the issue still lingering, we have decided to postpone this event till when it’s is possible for a tangible number of cryptocurrency enthusiasts to participate. Dates of this event will be decided by the community and communicated via out various outlets once we make a decision. Stay tuned.


Restoring our official Medium channel 

We promised to satisfy the requirements for cryptocurrency channels on Medium and restore our official Medium channel, despite not meeting up with the promised date and once again presenting our monthly report on a personal blog, we are almost done with the making these requirements available. We are constantly working towards every promise, the Medium channel is not left out, we will bring the Medium channel back to life as soon as possible.


As the world battles one of the most difficult times of our generation, we enjoin you to adhere with the rules and regulations which are meant to keep you safe and slow the spread. Health workers around the world are working hard to save lives, you have the chance to join them in doing this by staying at home and adhering to social distancing specifications while following the rules for good hygiene. Prevailing over this is a question of when not if…till then, stay safe.

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