State of the project: 2019 on the Pascal blockchain
State of the project: 2019 on the Pascal blockchain

By Dzoelx | Joelagbo | 1 Jan 2020


Starting off the year in a normal fashion, the pascal coin project have once again lived through another exciting year. Numerous expectations and additions to the our road map from the previous year… entering 2019,we set our efforts towards the achievement of these goals and an overall improvement of the Pascal blockchain technology and realization of our dreams of a perfect blockchain. Achieving a dream requires constant efforts and interactions of unfortunate challenges which tends to drawback these efforts.

In a remarkable year for the pascal project, we’ve constantly geared much effort towards achieving our goals and delivering our roadmap while maintaining a stable ecosystem for investors and users of our technology. A brand new year, and a brand new decade! Here we bring you a recap of the just ended year.

V5 protocol : Teased, proposed, delivered!

The V5 protocol implementation represents one of the most notable upgrade of the pascal blockchain, packed with so many amazing features and inclusions to the Pascal blockchain, the V5 protocol was teased to deliver more unique features to the Pascal blockchain to enhance its functionality and increase utility of the blockchain.

To be or not to be! We set our efforts towards the path of this development, numerous Pascal Improvements Proposals (PIPs) were presented to the Pascal community, reviewed and approved by the community; our tireless team focused on developing these proposals just in time for this upgrade. The Account seal technology and the Atomic swap technology were first of these proposals to be delivered, numerous other PIPs were delivered just in time.

Here’s a list of these proposals and how they make Pascal blockchain the future of blockchain technology:

At about 19hrs(GMT), past the 378,000th block on 12th December 2019, we completed a hardfork on our blockchain to bring the V5 protocol to life on the pascal blockchain, presenting numerous enhancement and several features which will allow the developers to build amazing stuffs on the pascal blockchain.

The V5 protocol is not only one of the biggest events of the past year, it is also a vital part of 2020 for the pascal project.

Community tipbot hack

The tipbot provided an easy means of tipping PASC to friends on the pascal discord channel, however on February 9 2019, the community tipbot was hacked and over 40,000 PASC stolen from the community. However, responding promptly to the event, our community ensured that these stolen funds were recovered as soon as it made its way to the exchange. Our regards to TOKOK exchange for responding professionally to this event and returning the exact amount of stolen PASC to the community. The funds were duly returned to the rightful owners, however, the use of the tipbot have been suspended since then, this might change with time, however the developers are currently working to prevent future occurrence of similar events.


One of the longest lasting discussion on our discord channel was the proposed re-branding of the pascal project, options of a total re-brand (Velocity cash?), a soft re-brand (pascal) and continuing with the previously name(pascalcoin) were presented to the community. After due voting and contribution process, the community resolved to re-brand the project to PASCAL a soft re-brand from the previous name( PASCALCOIN). This change have been effected by most exchanges, outlets and partners, however the previous name still lingers in some areas, this is expected to change with time.


Launching of Pascal’s BLAISE mobile wallet!

Unarguably the best mobile wallet released in 2019, the Pascal BLAISE wallet embodied the beauty of the Pascal blockchain with a sleek appearance, an amazing user interface, interactivity and memory friendly features.

The test flight of the Pascal BLAISE wallet developed by APPDITTO was released on July 20 2019 spreading love and colors all over the Pascal ecosystem. The mobile wallet  was subsequently approved by Google play store and Apple Store, numerous updates have been added to these wallets and they can be easily downloaded at any of these App stores.

The BLAISE wallet presents an easy access to your pascal coins while on the go, you can also perform several activities from the comfort of your palm.
Check out the BLAISE wallet!:

Delisting from Poloniex


In an unfortunate event, Pascal was delisted from poloniex exchange on 15th October 2019. The reason for this remains a mystery as the concerned exchange have failed to release an official statement on the process.

However the pascal project remains grateful to poloniex for harbouring our coin on their exchange for a notable period of time and for listing the project in the first place.

Negative price actions following the delisting saw PASC price plummet to an all time low, however slow recovery have followed and the expect positive movement in price with many amazing additions in the works.
But here’s a word for all..


Listing, listing listing!

We have also been able to list Pascal coin on numerous exchanges, these includes Finexbox exchange, Qtrade and bitebtc exchanges in the first two quarters of the year and subsequently Vite-x and Bilaxy exchanges which listed the project for free! Stating quality technology and an auspicious future as reasons for listing the project for free.

We remain grateful to these exchanges for giving a new home. Issues while trading Pascal on these exchanges can be reported to our team or the exchange team, all valid issues will be duly handled.

Word for the future

Great year for the technology, an unfortunate year for the coin value, a surprising turn of event. However, amidst the fortunate and unfortunate events, the pascal project is as alive as ever! With many plans for the new year, the pascal team is tirelessly working to keep improving the project and creating more utility for the blockchain while creating a healthy community and followership.

While the Pascal project have been centered towards developing a nice blockchain technology, we also hope to channel a tangible amount of our resources and efforts towards marketing the project and expanding our popularity as not just a blockchain for portable payments but also a blockchain of possibilities.

It’s a promising new year for the Pascal blockchain, but most importantly, we promise to keep on developing our technology, ecosystem and economy amidst the tides, the highs and the lows!
Best wishes!
Happy new year!

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