Guide to translating the Pascal wallet.

By Dzoelx | Pascal blockchain | 14 Jun 2021

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Our success in expanding our userbase depends on our ability to simplify the usage of our applications for people of different technological knowledge, living in different regions. To achieve the former, we optimize the user interfaces of our application to ensure that users understand easily how to perform basic transactions on these applications.

For users on other regions where English is a secondary language; using the application is tedious or impossible, as the case may be. We understand this and we have moved to solve this problem in the best possible way. We have developed a translation infrastructure to ease the process of translating our application and as well allow community involvement in the exercise.

The translation process is pretty simple and can be performed by anyone. Follow the guide below to help us translate the Pascal application to your own language!


Guide to translating the Pascal wallet

To simplify the translation process, we have generated a .po file with all the texts used in the application. To translate the application, the translator simply needs to download the .po file and translate to their language of choice using a text editor or preferably a po editor.


  1. Click here to download the generated ‘default.po’ file.

  2. Copy the default.po file to a subfolder to prepare for translation. There are several free tools available to read and edit the default.po file. The best known is poedit, another tool is Gorm. After downloading and installing the po file editor, start translating the content of the po file. Translate the words in ‘msgid’ to ‘msgstr’.

  3. The tools mention above have features to enable you generate an mo file after translation. However, if you used a text editor, you can convert the po file to mo file using this online conversion tool

  4. After generating the mo file, proceed to push to the github repository from where the po file was downloaded. For translators who are not conversant with git commands, simply head to Our discord channel, a volunteer will be available to assist with pushing the mo file to github.

Translating our application to varieties of languages is dependent on our communal effort, we enjoin community members with knowledge of any language not currently supported on our application to volunteer to this exercise.

Every contribution will be appreciated!




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