I Almost Sold All My BCH In Great Panic

By artbytes26 | JL Info Hub | 2 Mar 2022

Looks like we had a scare when the price dipped In February 24. This was when Russia started her attack on Ukraine. I admit that sudden price dip gave me a scare that I almost sold all my BCH in my coins.ph wallet. I'm glad I did not.

 However, that event gave me a push to go ahead with my plan on how to avoid panic in cases like that one.

 Hello again BCH lovers. I realized that I missed another day here. I have not uploaded an article yesterday. Or did I merely forget to change the date of my last article? Anyway, I know I missed a day this week.

 In any case, you are probably happy now that the prices started to go up again in the last two days. Right after it dropped to $260.01. That was quite a scare, huh? With the ongoing war, there are a lot of FUDs flying around that the cryptocurrency prices will drop as soon as Russia invades Ukraine.

Why would Russia invade Ukraine anyway? What's going on in Puttin's mind?


 I Almost Sold All My BCH

When I heard about the news that Russia started invading Ukraine, I checked the price quickly, The price dropped below $290. I almost panicked. I thought of selling everything. I had at least 0.6 BCH in my Coins.Ph wallet. Then I thought of the strategy that I had been playing in my mind.

Never sell everything at once. Sell gradually.

 I have had this thought in my mind for a few weeks now. However, the other side of me kept hoping that the prices might go up soon. So I waited. I shouldn't have.


I Need to Pay My Monthly Amortization

 I already have almost four months of arrears on the monthly amortization of the small piece of property that I bought. I was planning to pay for it using what I have saved from my two months of earning from read.cash.

 Besides, I have already decided that whatever I earned from read.cash will be used to cover my expenses. While my earnings from noise.cash will serve as my savings.


 Greed and Fear Creeping In.

 However, greed is always trying to creep in. I mean, I have been hoping and waiting for the price to go above $320. Instead, it dropped to as low as $260.

 That's when the fear kicked in. I almost panicked. I feared that the price might drop further. However, I thought, what if the price would bounce back? I had no clue what could happen next.

 I decided to sell PHP2,000 (around $40) worth of BCH. That's equivalent to 0.14673611 at that time.

 If the price drops further, I know I will suffer more losses. However, if the price bounces back as it did, the loss is acceptable.


 My Strategy.

 I have been thinking of this strategy for quite some time. I think this is what @scottcbusiness meant by "Dollar Cost Averaging". I did a little research on this phrase and it Wikipedia says:

"Dollar cost averaging (DCA) is an investment strategy that aims to reduce the impact of volatility on large purchases of financial assets such as equities, by breaking a given sum of money into smaller portions that are invested in a pre-determined schedule. " ... Wikipedia

 The idea is, to sell and buy gradually. Since I am regularly earning here in read.cash, my plan is to sell at least once a week. That will be at least $40 a week.  So when the price goes down the following week, I have secured some profit already. When the price goes up, I keep on earning anyway.


 Use Only What Is Needed.

I'm not using my earnings to buy anything for luxury. As I have mentioned, I am planning to use my earnings to pay my monthly amortization. I am also paying my phone bills from my earnings here.

 If I have some savings, and the price drops, I am using it to buy some BCH again.


In Closing

Dollar-Cost Averaging is indeed a great strategy to cushion the impact of the volatile prices of cryptocurrency. It will also help protect you from the FUDS and greed. I have just started practicing it though. Thus, I am still in the process of formulating my own formula for applying this.



This is not financial advice. The content of this article is merely based on my understanding and experience. I am sharing this information for educational purposes only. It is best to do your own research on this matter.


 Thanks for reading.


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