Land is Scarce. Land is Special. Land is Available for a Limited Time Only: The Alien Worlds Land Sale

Alien worlds is the first and only WAX – Ethereum cross-denominated project. At heart it is an NFT DeFi Metaverse comprised of a few important elements which make up the gaming concepts and overall play.  Although the game itself is free to play whereby anyone who signs up is assigned an avatar and a shovel enabling them to mine Trillium from the get go, of most direct concern to us at this time is the upcoming Land Sale.  In this post then, we will look at how this is particular aspect works, however, first let’s have a look at the basics just in case any out there are unfamiliar or need a quick refresher.

The Alien Worlds Metaverse & How Land Factors In.

Much like in the real world, the Alien Worlds metaverse has an in game economy, resource base, and payment system.  Trillium, the fungible ERC-20 token of the Alien Worlds economy is the revolving aspect of the game from an economic standpoint.  A rising balance is what you are after, and one of the best ways to achieve this is through the ownership of land.

Along with avatars, tools, and other gameplay items, possessing land NFT’s show ownership and attributes of that land.  One aspect of the game to increase your Trillium stash is mining.  As a player, choose any piece of land whether you own it or not to mine Trillium.  All you will need is the correct tools.  In the process a commission will be paid to the owner of the land based upon their deemed value of what allowing others to mine on it is worth.

Land and Mining


There are a total of 6 planets, and each will be represented in the Land Sale with a total of 3,000 Land Packs containing 1 piece of Land in the form of a Land NFT from one of the six planets, as well as 7 other different Tool, Avatar, Weapon, or Minion NFT cards distributed randomly across the 5 levels of rarities, common, rare, epic, legendary, mythical.

The Land you get as well as the land mint number upon opening the pack from this pack sale are random, meaning that anyone has just as good a chance to get specialty cards as anyone else no matter when they purchase or open.  However, possessing Land Cards as opposed to unopened packs is beneficial as once explorers begin mining your land, Land commission in the form of Trillium mining rewards will be generated as well as a payout of a random percentage of all the Trillium in the Land Fund as an added incentive to tear open those packs.  In regards to the Mining commission, although it is set to 20% by default, it can be changed should you believe your piece of land is attractive enough to warrant it. Just be forewarned that should others deem your land not worth it, your commissions will likely quite quickly drop to zero.

Across the six planets, there are actually 20 different types of land each with its own mining attributes such as yielding more Trillium, increasing the ease of mining, or increasing the luck of an NFT payout.  Although the user interface will guide players though this, for a complete rundown check out the Alien Worlds Technical Blueprint under “Mining Game”. 

Regardless of whether you are a landowner or a miner there are a couple things to keep in mind in regards to Alien World’s Land.  As a Landowner you will need to gauge interest of miners and flush out what kind of mining commission makes sense for you considering that piece of land.  From the miners point of view, the opposite in a sense will be true; and make a conscious choice on what Land amongst the various planets and types of terrain to mine Trillium on.  Some considerations are frequency of mining ability, the potential for maximizing an NFT payout, or of course, the ability to increase your overall Trillium rewards.  In addition, using the Metaverse UI to check land attributes themselves for the above, bear in mind that the tools you use will also have an impact.  As with the Land attributes seen on the NFT Cards, the Tool attributes can also be viewed directly from the Tool card NFT’s themselves, as well as in the relevant ‘Mining Game’ section of the Alien Worlds Technical Blueprint link above.  

Although there is an in game process called ‘shining an NFT’ whereby a combination of 4 of the same NFT plus the use of some Trillium will get the player an upgraded version of that NFT, Land NFT’s cannot be shined or burnt, only transferred or sold.  

One final thing worth noting is how the various Planet DAC policies regarding the amount of planetary Trillium rewards allocated to the mining game will be.  In other words, as a landowner it might be worth pondering staking Trillium to the Planet DAC that your land is located on so that you have a direct vote on interests that affect you and your position in the game. 

And the thing with Alien Worlds is that Land has defi-like yielding functionality baked-in via the commission which incentivizes land owners to find ways to draw explorers and miners to their land. In fact the Star Route road map envisions great things for the metaverse as a whole, and with Trillium as the basis for the economy, together with Land, these two will form a key pair to showcase the success of the everything from the The Federation of Alien Worlds and the Planets right down to the explorers and miners themselves.

The Land Sale


It’s finally here — Alien Worlds’ most keenly anticipated NFT pack sale, the Land sale, is open for pre-orders now at any available price point with the live Dutch auction beginning on December 4th 2020 at 13:00 UTC.

Note, payment for pre-orders is taken when you place the orders; a pre-order will be fulfilled if that price is reached in the auction, before live bids at that price.  If you bid too low and the auction ends before your price is reached, you will not receive those packs and you will be refunded after the entire sale is finished.

The sale of Land Packs is the only opportunity to buy Land within the Alien Worlds metaverse. As with previous releases, the sale will follow a Dutch Auction style whereby prices go down throughout the auction until sold out.  Pricing will be as follows:

  • Opening price: 12,570 WAX or 0.7457 ETH
  • After 1 hour: 12,230 WAX or 0.7254 ETH
  • Descending at 340 WAX per hour / 0.0203 ETH per hour
  • Lowest price point at hour 35 (if not already sold out): 670 WAX / 0.0352 ETH

Bids are accepted in both Ethereum and WAX at the prices quoted. 50% of the 3000 packs are devoted to to each currency, so it is possible for packs of one of the currencies to sell out earlier than the other.  That said, this is the only way to get Land in the game, so once all of the Land packs are sold, what is done is done unless of course you can find something on the second hand market that suits your fancy. 

For more details, have a gander at the official project documentations Land on Alien Worlds and How to Mine on Alien Worlds.

Also, be sure to follow Alien Worlds and join the official channels to keep up to date on what is happening as well as ask any questions you may have.

And finally, for a rundown of all things regarding the Alien Worlds Land Sale and so much more, check out this interview between Anyobservation and founder Michael Yeates:

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