DApp Evolution Ecosystem

DApp Evolution Ecosystem

The DApp Evolution Ecosystem comprises of a few interconnecting parts ranging across a broad area of blockchain enabled experiences.  At present these include TronChat, TronRadar, TronCollectibles, Original Collectibles, and the EVO DApp incubator.




The flagship dApp slated in, as it were, for the DApp Evolution Ecosystem is the TronChat Social Media dApp.  Features will include paid inboxes, a microtask and collectibles marketplace for original collectibles and games, as well as the standard social media experience of user and premium content. With version 1 slated for Q4 of 2019 already being tweeted about by none other than Tron’s very own Justin Sun, it’s looking like TronChat with all it’s various inclusions is sure to hit the ground running.


For more information on the TronChat project in particular, be sure to check out the official website at https://tronchat.io/



Pizza Heroes:

The EVO token will also be responsible for powering the 3D collectable Pizza Heroes gaming universe.  The collectable character can be used to play in both an open world or throughout a variety of arcade style games enabling users not only the joy of gameplay, but additionally the ability to earn EVO, TRX, and other cryptocurrencies throughout their adventures.  Heroes and gameplay items can be collected, bread, and traded amongst users within the NFT Tron ecosystem.



Version 1 of Pizza Heroes is scheduled for release very shortly with version 2 and 3 slated for Q2 and Q3 respectively.  The graphics and gameplay look absolutely amazing and I’m super excited to see how both the broader crypto and non crypto communities alike receive it.


TronColllectibles Beta Screen



“The worlds first Tron collectible Marketplace, playing host to all Tron nonfungible tokens and rare digital items.  TronCollectibles.com will be integrated as the collectibles marketplace for TronChat and other DApps, bridging the gap between social media and digital assets.  This bridge between online and social identity and digital collectibles will give new meaning and value to those assets, while providing an environment for them to proliferate and flourish.” (Sourced from the DApp Evolution Whitepaper V1 linked below)




Another part of the DApp Evolution Ecosystem is the Tron Radar token and DApp tracker.  It’s a cool little feature adding value to the Tron network as a whole for those interested in seeing what is going on at any given time in reference to activity and Tron ecosystem DApps. For those interested in such things you can check out what is going on first hand at https://tronradar.com/




In addition to all these things, the DApp Evolution Ecosystem also has plans in the works for original collectibles and games as well as funding and partnership building initiatives “with with disruptive DApps, marketplaces, exchanges, accelerators … both on the Tron blockchain and beyond”.

In conclusion, although only in the beginning phases, the DApp Evolution Ecosystem project seems to be making headway into bridging the gap and bringing together many facets of the cryptosphere under one umbrella allowing for a web of applications to exist in tandem and work towards building an infrastructure allowing for users to both benefit from and enjoy a range of products and use cases that although connected can be utilized by the individual upon a wholistic or singular level.  Although this is just a brief overview, lots more information can be found in the links below, so, if your at all interested do take the time to check to them out.  And with that, I’ll conclude my first ‘Top 10 Best Crypto DApp’ introductory post, but do promise to return very soon with another one I feel worthy of mention.

As always, thanks for dropping on in and keeping in touch with my thoughts.  Stay tuned for the next installment in the ‘Top 10 Best Crypto dApps’ series.  Until then my friends, enjoy all that life has to offer in crypto and beyond.

Your Trybalist in creative arms, Jimmy D

*All images have been taken directly from the official relevant sites listed above

DApp Evolution Ecosystem Official Links:

DApp Evolution Official Website: https://dappevolution.com/

DApp Evolution Medium: https://medium.com/dapp-evolution-ecosystem

DApp Evolution Official Telegram: https://t.me/DAppEvolution

DApp Evolution Official Whitepaper

TronChat Official Website: https://tronchat.io/

TronRadar Official Link: https://tronradar.com/

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