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NFTs - New Brave Ads today: DC Comics Batman, Superman trading card NFTs. Register now for Batman release < 1 day!

By Netzien | Netzien | 30 Mar 2022

Hey friends. Sometimes ads you see on Brave are really good. Today, DC Comics Batman, Superman, Joker ads for DC Comics NFT trading cards appeared as seen in images below. I love these characters! These look like they could be awesome.

The Joker


The Batman

NFTs NFT Art Crypto

Superman and others

Cryptocurrency news

Here's what my landing page looked like for the platform after I signed up: 


Here's the closeup of the Batman ad. 


A lot of the other "tabs" in the platform look interesting too. There's a daily login reward, so I'll start there for now. This was the link from my Brave Browser I followed. 

Here's a couple pics of some from the now working marketplace 

Superman NFT

NFTs NFT Art Crypto

Batman NFTs

NFTs Hro

There are some active users on the "leaderboard" with a fair number of items (150) already though.

The NFT cards of course have attributes like common and rare from what I see, edition numbers, and there are collections, like movie poster, Batman Universe.

It also looks like Immutable X, the same group associated with Gods Unchained is involved as I see a place where you can connect with that wallet. 

It looks promising guys, you should check it out. 


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