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NFT HAS BEEN SENT TO WINNER @GREATNEUNIVERSE (updated)! NFT giveaway on PublishOx. No gas fees. Free. AVA Rabbits #0105. Like, follow, and comment. That's it. Ends Monday.

By Netzien | Netzien | 8 Apr 2022

Final update April 17 - 

Today GreatUniverse and I communicated via Twitter

I was too shy to ask, but there he also goes by Greatness - I wonder if that's your real name sir? 

I told Greatness that I felt like this one was meant to be. 

Congrats sir. 


You can see the transaction here under activity tab after turning off the ETH search filter: 

See you all at the next one.





To assign numbers for entries, I sorted comments from oldest (at top) to newest (at bottom) and counted each entry and bonus entry once.

I went to: and thus chose the range 1-21.

The random number that was picked was #3. Congratulations to GREATNEUNIVERSE!

GREATNEUNIVERSE - make sure you have your wallet ready to receive the NFT. If you are totally new to this, please follow my step by step instructions given in this article:  I'll help you get set up

GREATNEUNIVERSE: Your Facebook link is dead! So you have to DM me on Twitter if you can (@NFTFreebie) or please share your Facebook profile with me so I can DM you (here in comment or DM in Twitter), or we can find another way to communicate. We can communicate in comments here too! Thanks!Y

Congratulations again!

Thanks everyone for participating, Sooner than later there will be another NFT giveaway!

NFT giveaway only on PublishOx. Just follow me, like this post, and comment to enter. Random winner picked, proof posted in updates. No gas fees.

If you don't have your first NFT yet, this is a great chance to win one - I'll help you get set up. Literally receive this for free if you win. Pretty simple.

NFT Bitcoin Free Giveaway Blockchain

This is like a beach baby bunny, haha. Weird, but funny. I think the artist has talent. Some of the finer details are nice. The AVA Rabbits collection on OpenSea has adult Rabbits with different themes. 

Here's a link to AVA Rabbits #0105 on OpenSea. It's a 1 of 1. Maybe you'll win. 

Bonus entry if you share this article on a social media platform (make a comment below then give any such links as a reply to your own comment).

I have completed one such giveaway. The guy that won got his first NFT. Here's the PublishOx article where I posted proof that the NFT was sent and such: 

Your entry must be in by Monday, by midnight (New York City USA time). Winner announced Tuesday in a response comment (you might want turn on your Publish0x notifications for responses to your comments in settings) and in this post. Proof will be posted here in the main article here as updates, like in the last competed giveaway above.

Like, follow, and comment, and you're entered into this giveaway for AVA Rabbits #0105.



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