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Bitcoin meme videos by Naiive. Watch here. Funny, motivational. 15 sec. to 2 minutes.

By Netzien | Netzien | 6 Apr 2022

Bitcoin and crypto. Our passions. Memes help bring these to light.

Today I bring you short video style memes about Bitcoin and Crypto. This is Volume 1.1 and will be a repeat series. In a previous article I highlighted Bitcoin and crypto music videos. 

These meme style videos in Volume 1.1 are all from creator Naiive - one of the best out there in my opinion: 

I hope they motivate you and make you laugh. Since Elon is the biggest Twitter stakeholder now, hopefully memes like these will continue to bring joy on the platform (at one point Naiive was banned for seemingly nothing without explanation). 

For these memes, headphones/good speakers and a big viewing screen are suggested but not required. 

Here's a few of the many gems.

Ever see the movie Rocky? You'll like this one below. 

This one sums up how I feel about the markets when they go up, and down. 


I love elephants, and basketball, and Bitcoin 

If you know non-coiners that love to hate when BTC does well, you'll like this one below. 

Did you like the movie 300? HOD the line! Hoooa,, hoooa, hooooa. 

Hahaha. Per the Bitcoin Music videos I posted (see link in intro.), and the endless "Pump it Up" Bitcoin Music Videos out there, this is funny. 

Do you know the UFC fighter Connor McGregor? Hahaha - the arm swinging is legendary. 

Wow - that kid dances way better than me. Let's hope Bitcoin Pumps again soon! 


This last one here sums up my life in so many ways....hahaha. Bitcoin vs. normal life. 

Hope you are hanging in there friends.

Dou have any good meme creators you follow?

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