Splinterlands Weekly Challenge Battle! DEFENDER OF TRUTH

By jfang003 | jfang003 | 29 Nov 2021

Every week there is a Splinterlands challenge to share a battle using a specific card and on this week's post it is the Defender of Truth card. I also encourage Splinterlands players to partake in the challenge because you get to try different strategies and earn some crypto in the process.

Featured Monster: Defender of Truth

Defender of Truth.png

Defender of Truth is a light splinter card that cost 3 mana. It learns the armored up ability at level 3. So I think it's a relatively low mana cost card with support abilities if you level it up enough.

I don't own this card so I rented this card for a day to try it out. From what I have seen while trying out the card, I find that it tends to work best in low mana battles as it has armor so it can tank a few more hits.

Rule set, Battle and Plan

rule set.png

The rule set this time is reverse speed and little league. So this means I will be limited to cards that cost 4 mana or less. At the same time, the monsters with lower speeds will attack faster than those with more speed. This is an interesting combination of rule sets and I don't think I see both of them together at the same time often. There is 32 mana available so it means you don't need to worry about mana cost (little league) and you can use light, death or water splinters.


The summoner I choose to use this time is Mother Khala. In low mana fights, I prefer to have a tank with thorns so it tends to be either light or dragon (with death attached). In this case I don't have access to dragon so I went with light splinters and Mother Khala is my only leveled up summoner.

My plan would be use Crystal Jaguar (has thorns) as the tank while dealing damage. In my line up, I plan on also adding in Truthspeaker for the extra armor and Venari Crystalsmith for the heal ability. Another spot will be taken by the defender of truth and the last two will be filled by my cards with higher attack available.

Round 1

round 1.png

I am liking my chances in this match but I don't like the -1 attack from my opponent's summoner. So it will definitely limit my damage but my line up is looking stronger than my opponents. If my opponent used more magic cards then I would be worried but with the extra heals and shield from Truthspeaker, I am not worried.

Round 2

round 2.png

The first round went extremely well as I managed to take out my opponent's tank. I have lost some shields but most of my line up is untouched and my healer won't have any issues surviving. From his line up, his cards will be too spread out to even take out my Crystal Jaguar so I think the advantage is definitely on my side.

Round 3

round 3.png

I haven't lost a card yet and my Crystal Jaguar is doing a great job. Although it does look like I might lose my Truthspeaker soon, I am not worried since the shield on my first three cards have already been wiped out. From my point of view I will win so long as I don't miss too many attacks.

Round 4

round 4.png

This match is over as my opponent can no longer attack. You can see the conclusion below but my line up did exactly what I wanted.



The battle this time around went exactly as I expected. My tank managed to survive and delay my opponent using a healer and extra shields. The only thing I didn't expect was his choice of summoner as it made my pick of damage dealers a bit worst. Maybe using a light elemental instead would of been better but I didn't want to deal with magic reflect.

In the end while there are things I could change up, I don't really think I would change my current setup. Like I said earlier, maybe mixing in Light Elemental wouldn't be a bad choice. However for my opponent, I think he didn't focus his damage enough. Since I had a healer, it made most of his damage negligible and his other monsters were targeting different cards. By doing so he couldn't really kill many of my own cards.

You can see my entire match here.

What did you think of my match? Was there anything you would of done differently? I think it is quite interesting to see how different players use the same card.

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