Splinterlands Weekly Challenge Battle! CARRION SHADE

By jfang003 | jfang003 | 12 Mar 2022

Every week there is a Splinterlands challenge to share a battle using a specific card and on this week's post it is the Carrion Shade card. I also encourage Splinterlands players to partake in the challenge because you get to try different strategies and earn some crypto in the process.

Featured Monster: Carrion Shade

Carrion Shade.png

Carrion Shade is a death splinter card that costs 1 mana. It starts with no skill and learns the flying ability at level 3. The stats are kind of underwhelming but it's to be expected because it only costs 1 mana. I find this more useful as a filler monster to tank hits and if it's level 3, as an extra flying tanking during the earthquake rule set.

I do use this card from time to time when I am using death splinters or dragon with death splinters. Then, I have used up whatever mana I have available and I can't load in more monsters that can attack. So this card becomes cannon fodder that I hope my opponent will hit so my damage dealers can finish off the enemy. My current Carrion Shade is level 3 because I got a gold foil version of it off a chaos legion pack opening. So it comes with the flying ability and I make use of it during the earthquake rule sets.

Rule set, Battle and Plan

rule set.png

The ruleset this time is weak magic and earthquake. This ruleset tends to be quite useless favors flying monsters and there is only 12 mana available. So my choices are limited and I have access to every single type of splinter.


The summoner I choose to use this time is Daria Dragonscale. I just plan on mixing in flying monsters and I prefer having more melee attacks in this type of situation. It might cost 1 more mana but I will also have access to the highest level cards that I can also play.

My plan is just to have a lineup filled with flying monsters. I am assuming my opponent will be playing a physical or ranged-based build because of the weak magic. So I plan to just delay and win either due to the earthquake or due to my opponent's attacks missing.

Round 1

round 1.png

At the first glance of my opponent's lineup, I think I have this match won. To start, my opponent is fairly slow so I should be able to attack before him in most situations. With the difference of 1 speed to 4 speed, I believe that my opponent will miss most of his attacks. He also does not have any flying monsters so the earthquake ruleset will benefit me.

Round 2

round 2.png

I took out the first monster fairly fast but I wasn't able to dodge the first attack. If I can't dodge a few attacks, I can still lose but I believe that I will still win.

Round 3

round 3.png

I was able to dodge an attack so the odds are definitely in my favor. I will just speed up to the end of the match because I will just be trading blows. Each turn that passes will benefit me as the earthquake does damage to my opponent.


After a few rounds of trading blows, I was able to finish off my opponent and he only hit me once more. I did not miss any attacks with my cards due to the speed difference.


The battle this time around went exactly as I expected. The Carrion shade in the back was my filler monster and it never ended up stepping up in the fight. However, it was reassuring to have it there in case my tank died early on. The weak magic rule set benefitted me as I did not see my opponent use a magic monster otherwise I don't think my cards would have survived as long.

Daria was a great choice as a summoner as it increased my Pelecor Deciever's attack to 3. Without it, I would only be able to do deal 1 melee damage per round and the match would have been extended. I think my opponent's strategy was to outlast me using the increased stats from Last Stand on his Stone Golem. However, I was using flying monsters and the speed difference was too much for him to overcome.

You can see my entire match here.

What did you think of my match? Was there anything you would have done differently? I think it is quite interesting to see how different players use the same card.

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