Splinterlands Weekly Challenge Battle BATTLE MAGE SECRETS! Fog of War and Possibilus the Wise

By jfang003 | jfang003 | 22 Apr 2024

Every week there is a Splinterlands challenge to share a rule set using a specific card and on this week's post it is a battle with the Fog of War rule set. I also encourage Splinterlands players to partake in the challenge because you get to try different strategies and earn some crypto in the process.

Rule set, Battle and Plan

rule set.png

The ruleset this time is Five Alive, Holy Protection, and Fog of War. This means that all monsters gain the divine shield and any snipeopportunity, or sneak monsters lose that ability. We are also limited to 5 monsters. There is also 48 mana available and I am left with the choice of water, earth, or death splinter.

The summoner I chose to use this time is Possibilus the Wise. It increases my health by 2 and gives my monsters the trample and reach ability.


I plan to use Diemonshark as my tank with enrage for more damage. Then I have Coastal Sentry in 2nd with double strike and it can also attack due to my summoner. Then I have Baakjira and Noa with multiple support abilities. Between those 2 monsters is Daarg Deadblast for the weapons training ability so that they can attack. As it gives them magic damage, they can attack from their position.

Round 1

round 1.png
At first glance, I think that I have the advantage because I have multiple melee monsters on my side. I do think that it could get dangerous if I am unlucky. my opponent's summoner decreases my magic damage so my main damage dealers are my melee monsters. I do have the speed advantage due to my monsters and my opponent's monsters will not have any armor due to rust.

Round 3

round 3.png
My opponent has lost two monsters while I have only lost 1. I was lucky because my opponent missed quite a few attacks and I did not miss any of my melee attacks. Given the speed difference, I think I have this match won because my opponent couldn't kill me fast enough.

Round 4

round 4.png
I was able to take out another monster so my opponent only has 1 monster that can attack. However, that monster won't have a chance at all because of the speed difference and my magic monsters. So this match is my win.

I won the match later that round as I expected. The trample finished the job.


The battle went exactly as I expected. My strategy worked and I had both melee and magic damage for my opponent. It's too bad that my magic monsters couldn't do much but my melee monsters did quick work of my opponent and the trample came in to finish off my opponent faster. The speed advantage also worked out quite well towards my advantage and I was able to take out my opponent before he could take out my melee monsters.

You can see my entire match here.

What did you think of my match? Was there anything you would have done differently? I think it is quite interesting to see how different players play in a ruleset.

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