Splinterlands: Buying cards and building a passive rental income source in Splinterlands

By jfang003 | jfang003 | 18 Nov 2021

I was unsure how to proceed with my DEC in Splinterlands but I finally decided to buy cards and rent them out for a return. We all know Splinterlands prices have gone up quite a bit but one of the best ways to earn is to use the current rental system.

Why I am using the rental market?

I did move some DEC over to CubFinance in the past but my DEC has already started to build up from then. First off I just didn't think the earnings over there was that great. Compared to the APR from the rental market and the fact that I don't have to deal with impermanent loss makes it much easier.

When I saw some posts like this about how rental income was increasing over time, I decided to also buy cards and rent them out. While I can boost my collection power and my deck, I am satisfied with my current rank and rewards from playing matches. However I don't always have the time to completely use up my dark energy capture rate so I feel like I am losing some income from doing so.

I also want to make sure I am making the most of my time and that I would get back as much cash as I can from using this. To note, I know that this will decrease the SPS I get from the airdrop but I think in the long run, it will be more profitable.

Buying cards (monster market)

The revenue generated to the game or the platform selling the card is 5% usually. So I really like monster market because any purchases you do here will net you back 60% of their revenue or a total of 3%. So any purchases you do on this site will only cost you 97% of the cost compared to buying directly off the Splinterlands or Peak Monsters.

11-15 market history.png
Above you can see my market history on monster market on the cards I bought recently for my rental strategy. I decided to focus more on a few legendary and gold foil rewards cards right now.
market history details.png
Now if I expand the details a bit more, you can see exactly how much I received back for my purchase. As you can see, I already got back 3% of what I spent.

Managing Rentals (Peakmonsters)

I didn't screenshot my rental income before this but it has definitely increased by over 100 DEC per day if everything was fully rented out. Before this, I believe my income was around 320 or so DEC per day if everything was fully rented. All the screenshots in this section are gotten from Peak Monsters.
Djinn rental.png
The prices are a bit sporadic and I might fix them up later but Peak Monsters gives you a very nice interface to see the card, APR how it compares to the current rental prices on the market. So I find it much easier to keep track of everything going on and I can adjust prices when I have time available to me.
set up rents.png
You can also see the price of cards and set things in bulk using their rental menu. They give you a lot of different options available to choose from so I prefer this over listing every card individually in the normal Splinterlands menu.


I want to put my DEC to work and the return will obviously be in DEC. I understand that DEC might not be at the peg forever but it ensures me a steady stream of income even when I am busy with real life. I still have some DEC left that I will be putting to work later but I am trying to decide if I should diversify the cards a little bit more.

Feel free to leave a comment if you read my post. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer.

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