Splinterlands: Buying a new Summoner and improving some Chaos Legion cards

By jfang003 | jfang003 | 22 Sep 2023

Splinterlands has been a challenging game lately and I have been considering what I could do to improve my own win rate. I have decided that I want to move up to Gold rank so I plan on buying some cards and preparing for that. I have focused on my chaos legion this time because I upgraded Riftwatchers last time. The fights in splinterlands are still hard and having these leveled up cards can help me in my fights.

Chaos Legion Purchase


Above are the cards that I purchased: Quix the Devious, Dax Paragon, Igor Darkspear, Nerissa Tridawn, Djinn Apprentice, Xenith Archer, Regal Peryton, and Mycelic Infantry using Monster Market. I get back part of what I paid for the cards and I prefer using this when I am buying directly off the market.

I was able to change some HBD into credits when it went over the peg a few days ago. I didn't use all of it because I am not sure if the price of HBD will go back under the peg in time for my next purchase. The HBD was gained from my author rewards over the past week and I will be continuing to use them to buff up my deck. This time, I got 30k credits using my HBD.

Quix the Devious

Quix the Devious.png
The first card I wanted to upgrade is Quix the Devious and I bought 3 BCX to increase its level to level 2. This summoner costs 4 mana to use and it reduces my enemies's speed and ranged attack by 1. I have lost a few fights due to this card and I thought that it would be a good addition to my deck and especially so when Chaos Legion gets removed from Modern in the future. I have to wait some time for one of the cards to get off cooldown to upgrade it though.

Dax Paragon

Dax Paragon.png
The 2nd card is Dax Paragon and I bought 4 BCX to increase this card to level 3. This is a life card that I use regularly because it only cost 2 mana and it has the amplify ability. So when combined with magic reflect or thorns, it becomes quite useful. By increasing this card to level 3, it has 4 health and it will survive longer.

Igor Darkspear

Igor Darkspear.png
The 3rd card is Igor Darkspear and I bought 2 BCX of this card to increase it to level 3. This is an earth card with no skill but it is also a low mana card. So I do use this card from time to time and especially so in the Going the Distance matches where only ranged monsters can be used.

Nerissa Tridawn

Nerissa Tridawn.png
The 4th card is Nerissa Tridawn and I bought 4 BCX of this card to increase it to level 3. This water card has no skill but increasing the level does increase it's speed by 1. It's a frequent card that I use in the Wands Out battles and the speed will help it to land its attack when a card has phase.

Djinn Apprentice

Djinn Apprentice.png
The 5th card is Djinn Apprentice and I bought 4 BCX to increase this card to level 4. This fire card doesn't have any skill but increasing it to level 4 does add an extra magic damage. I don't use this card often but I do think it's better to have a stronger card for my fights when I do have to use it.

Xenith Archer

Xenith Archer.png
The 6th card is Xenith Archer and I bought 5 BCX to increase this card to level 4. This neutral card does not have any skill but the increase in levels does give it 2 more speed. If I do need a lower speed version, I could always use the gold foil version of this card. Either way, it's a low mana neutral card so I do use it from time to time.

Regal Peryton

Regal Peryton.png
The 7th card is Regal Peryton and I bought 5 BCX to increase this card to level 4. This earth card is a commonly use card for me and increasing it's level increases it's health by 1. The fast speed and the flying ability makes it very useful and especially when combined with Immortalis because it will shatter the enemies's armor first.

Mycelic Infantry

Mycelic Infantry.png
The 8th card is Mycelic Infantry and I bought 9 BCX to increase this card to level 4. I don't use this earth card very often but increasing it to level 4 does increase it by 1 attack and 2 health. It starts off with the shield ability so when mixed together with Immortalis, it can be a sturdy tank. The only issue with this card is the slow speed and that is why I don't use it.


This is a battle that I did use one of my newly upgraded cards (Nerissa Tridawn). As I said earlier, I wanted to increase the speed of Nerissa Tridawn when dealing with cards with the phase ability like Djinn Oshannus and especially so in a wands out ruleset. I won the match by finishing off my opponent's Djinn Oshannus before my Djinn Oshannus died and that was because I had two monsters that could damage Djinn Oshannus while my opponent only had 1. Overall, I improved my chances because I had an extra speed on Nerissa Tridawn and this reduced the chances of me missing my attacks. So I believe that it did help me improve my win rate.


I bought some cards to help me out in ranked battles and it will also decrease the penalty that I get from fights. I am funding this through my blog earnings. I am slowly improving my deck so that I don't suffer as much of a penalty and it also improves my own win-rate with all the new options.

Do you play Splinterlands and have you bought any cards recently?

Feel free to leave a comment if you read my post. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer.

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