Splinter Stats Season 72 Report Card

By jfang003 | jfang003 | 14 May 2022


As usual, it's close to the end of the season and work has been kicking me around a lot. So I have just been focusing on finishing the quests daily and I need to cancel my rentals after I finish my quest tonight. With the last few days in the season, I want to make the most of my rental income and this is especially the case because prices are down quite a bit after crypto tanked. My collection power is going up slowly as I participate in brawls but it's too bad that I only get a pack every week or two.


Match Report



There were a lot fewer fights last season and I don't think the quest took very long to finish often. With a winning streak of 18, I think it may have saved me quite a bit of time at night. As usual, with a ratio of over 1, I am quite happy with my own performance last season.


Rewards Report



1 Legendary, 1 gold foil common, and a chaos legion pack is a great pull for the season. If only the good luck lasted every single season but nothing lasts forever. I also realize that the DEC earned per win is slightly up from last season but I recall the price going down so I am not sure what is happening over there. I guess the winning streak may have increased my average DEC earned per fight and that offset the DEC earned.


ūüü£ Rental Report


As expected, my rentals are down quite a bit and it's primarily my own fault. With the maintenance happening at night, I didn't feel that safe listing my cards for rentals and lost a few days at the start. I don't plan on doing that again and I want to make sure I am maximizing the rental income I am going to get.

‚≠ź SPS Report


I forgot to claim a portion in the previous season so my claimed amount is up. More SPS is always nice but there are only a few more months left in the airdrop. After that, my SPS will increase from the staking rewards and it will slow down by a lot.

It was a great season as I was quite lucky to land a chaos legion pack and a legendary card. I don't plan on opening the pack until the airdrop is over and it gives me a chance to bulk open them as I stack more potions. I could never really bring myself to buy those potions and I prefer to just earn them from my daily quest. I hope next season is just as good.

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