# Splinter Stats Season 68 Report Card

By jfang003 | jfang003 | 16 Mar 2022


Another season goes by but I at least did some rental optimization towards the end of the previous season. So my rentals are doing way better but it did take away some time for fights. Either way, I didn't really worry about draining my dark energy capture rate and I focused more on just getting my quest done every single day. I am thinking of cutting down on some ranked battles and maybe adding in some brawl fights so I can get more collection power. This way, I can rent out more of my cards without worrying about getting kicked out of my current rank.


Match Report



My performance is about the same as last season without too much of a difference. Other than fewer fights and a slightly worst ratio, there isn't much to say.

Top 10 Summoner Usage


Top 100 Monster Usage


Win Rate by Ruleset



Rewards Report


There were fewer cards this time around and it looks like I gained more DEC drops instead. I got the usual chaos legion pack last season and I am quite happy to get it but it looks like my current season is lacking in that regard.

In terms of ranked battles, it looks like the DEC reward is a bit down, and my total rewards are worst this time around. It's probably due to my lack of luck getting cards.


🟣 Rental Report


With a little bit of optimization, I was able to almost double my rental income. I think that you need to definitely pay attention to the last few days of a season if you are trying to build an income off rentals because that is where you can earn the most. It's crazy because everyone is trying to go up in ranks or collecting CP to maintain their ranks.

⭐ SPS Report


I was bad on my SPS collections and my VOUCHERs have also dropped. It's to be expected because I am not buying packs or anything like that right now. There has been a bug and I can't seem to collect my BSC SPS tokens so I need to go to discord and solve that.

Overall it wasn't a bad season but it wasn't the greatest either. However, I have noticed what I need to do for my rental strategy going forward and it does help to check prices. All the tools are available to me and rentals are earning me more than ranked battles at this point in time. So my focus will be on the quest and maintaining my rentals.

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