Splinter Stats Season 56 Report Card

By jfang003 | jfang003 | 10 Sep 2021


In the most recent splinterstats post, certain battle statistics will be turned off since they require some work by the developers. Also I want to note that this the previously closed season statistics. Usually it includes your win rates and what cards you used the most along with what type of rewards/SPS you earned over the season. However I highly suggest people use this tool because you can always go back to compare your earnings from season to season.


Match Report



As I stated in my previous reports, fights are now a lot harder with the new rental market. People can rent cards and improve their win rate but I have not been renting cards. I am happy with my win rate since it is above 1.

Top 10 Summoner Usage


Top 100 Monster Usage


Win Rate by Ruleset



Rewards Report



My rewards card isn't that good this time as I only got 17 cards with most of them are common cards. The only good thing about my chest rewards is the amount of DEC I got from chests. In total from rewards chest and season rewards, I earned 6.9k DEC.

It also looks like the ranked reward is a lot higher than usual since 118 wins net me 4,382 DEC. So on average, I would say it was about 40 DEC per win. My current DEC per win is more or less around 20 so I expect a decrease in DEC on the current season.


Rental Report


I haven't had time to update my rentals so its on the low end right now. I should just rent out any duplicate cards I have to increase my revenue. Either way any rented cards out is basically passive income for me so I should make some time over the weekend to make the changes.

SPS Report


The amount of SPS I got has decreased but it was to be expected with so many people staking SPS and I haven't been taking more advantage of my Dark Energy Capture rate either. SPS was relatively stable before the crypto flash crash but I still think it's holding up quite well.

It's a bit disappointing that I couldn't expand on my card usage and battle statistics but I can still check out on my rewards for the season. At current prices, its about $90 for a season.

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