Saturday Savers Club week 1

Saturday Saver's Club Challenge and Goal Progress

By jfang003 | jfang003 | 10 Apr 2021

This is part of the Saturdays Saver Challenge and I was originally participating through fiat. But I decided to restart it on HIVE from scratch. The image below from the challenge post shows that saving everyday can lead to a decent amount earned over time.
Eddie's Earner Saturdays Saving Challenge

My Savings Plan and Challenge

For my challenge, I am planning to decrease the amount of pennies to one-tenth of a penny. Why? I want to ensure I do not mess up towards the end because I don't want to make a mistake towards the end as it would require putting in a few dollars into my savings. However if I drop it to 10% of that amount, I think I should have no problems earning that amount if I hustle.

Therefore my challenge will be depositing 0.001 HBD into my HIVE Savings Account on the first day and increasing that amount by 0.001 HBD per day. I choose to deposit HBD because the interest rate for HBD is 3% per year. This means I should also earn more in total compared to the original challenge.

Current Progress

Besides the memo typo on Day 3, I have current finished 6 days of the challenge so far with a total of 0.021 HBD saved in my saving.

Monthly Goal Progress

I thought I would add an update to my monthly goals that I created for myself on during on my April HPUD here or on LeoFinance.

Token Goal Progress

  • 1. HP Progress (340/475) -- Increased HP by 27 so I am on track but may be a little bit behind.
  • 2. LEO progress (454/600) -- Increased by 67 so I am a little bit ahead.
  • 3. SPORTS progress (522k/700k) -- Increased by 68k but I have so 42k liquid Sports that I have yet to stake. So I am ahead on this goal.
  • 4. CTP progress (429/600) -- Increased by 63 so I am on track.
  • 5. LBI progress (85.011/100) -- Increased by a 1.5 so I am behind

I seem to be on track to meet most of my token goals currently. I plan to make a few more posts compared to last month to ensure I am on track for some of my lacking areas.

Game Goal Progress

  • 1. Starbits -- 600k/1million. I haven't touched this area as much but I have been lacking in progress towards this goal. However I do think it is achievable since I plan to convert some VIBES into Starbits.
  • 2. Rabona/Exode -- I have not done so but I thought HIVE would pump back up to $1 so I could get in with the price of 5 HIVE. However I do plan to this done soon and I have the liquid HIVE available to finish this even if the price of HIVE drops.
  • 3. RPlanet Aether generation (589.3/650) -- I was totally not expecting the huge bump due to some luck in adventures. So I am already 60-70% done about 8 days into the month. Aether has also been going up so I am generating about $0.55 in WAX a day currently.

I am making great progress towards my gaming goals this month. Although Starbits is a bit further behind than I would like.

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