OceanEx is Making New Waves

My OceanEx Review Revisited

I'm always looking for dependable exchanges to add to my choices when it comes to trading.

It's always good to have options and after trying dozens of different exchanges, I have my favorites and OceanEx might could become one of them. If they can improve on a few things that matter.

A while back, I used OceanEx and wasn't happy at all with how they were functioning. Today I decided to give them a second try and a second review.

I'm Picky and Hard to Please.

Bitforex was uninstalled after 3 days, BTSE had a good run and Probit, Mercadox and a few others that are no longer part of my exchange arsenal, all met the uninstall button.

Each of them were uninstalled or closed for many good reasons but mostly for lacking support, slow latency and losses in profits due to slowness, poor TAG disclosure or fees.

Probit for selling a dead project and pushing fake 24 hour sales. Mercadox because they constantly sell scams. BTSE because of latency and losses due to their slow page loads and Bitforex because they took 3 days to respond to a serious issue.

My original issue with OceanEx was simply poor TAG information. With all the duplicate tags out there, I was angered over a buy based on their TAG information not being well displayed and for answering a customer support inquiry with a nasty undertone.

Things that Matter in Customer Service.

I firmly believe that customer service needs to be friendly, helpful and nurturing in order to keep customers coming back. Treat me like s**t and I'm out. Treat me like a whale and I'm in, even if I only have 20$ on their exchange.

OceanEx failed to give me good customer service the first time around. While my first experience sucked, this last one was actually much better.

I was pleasantly surprised to recieve friendly customer service from OceanEx today and that matters to me. Treat me right and I'll use your app, treat me like a number and I'll uninstall. Done. Game over.


Fast and Sleek

My last exchange was slow and I hate to wait on deposits. I understand confirming deposits, but 2 hours is too long. OceanEx approved mine in just under 10 minutes. That's a huge plus. I was happily trading on what I wanted and done for the night in under 15 minutes. That's great compared to other bigger more well-known exchanges. 

Their app is beautiful and sleek looking. Much better than the last time I had a peek at it. More functionality and a better UI seems to be their newest improvements. I'm happy to have it installed and it worked flawlessly.


One of my deal killers. Too much and too many hoops to jump through and I'm out. Too easy to break in and sneak out my coins and I'm out. 

OceanEx almost pissed me off but this was all my fault.

I forgot my password.

While a 2 hour freeze on my account is a little excessive, I was still able to buy and sell, just not withdraw, so I felt like that was pretty fair.

Also because this was my fault in the first place and I'm the one to blame for the lockout and since this would hinder hackers or ID theft hijackers, I can appreciate their lockdown on my account.

Rather wait two hours then lose my funds. That's not too bad, and although I think SMS Verification would be better to unlock a frozen account for a few botched attempts at logging in, it could be worse.


Low cost trading is always a bonus. VET trades on certain pairs are currently 50% off and that's always good. 

Fees are low enough to keep me coming back, verses exchanges like Binance or Kucoin. Which makes me a happy camper. I love low fees on an exchange.

Their trading currency OCE is at a low cost for investors and that's huge. For under 20USD you can get a good handful of their OCE and that could add up to a good return on the coming next year or so.

Conclusion on OceanEx

I think I'll stick around. OceanEx has improved greatly and they seem to be working diligently on improving OceanEx. I think the fees are fair and security is pretty even keeled, so I'm willing to keep using OceanEx.

Overall, I think OceanEx is worth checking out, even for newbies and pros alike.

Check them out and see for yourself.




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