Summer - Tree House Brewing Company - Beer Review

Summer - Tree House Brewing Company - Beer Review

By jeffjagoe | jeffjagoe | 27 Feb 2021



Summer - Tree House Brewing Company
Beer Review

Summer is an 8% Imperial/Double IPA brewed by the Tree House Brewing Company in Charlton, Massachusetts. I have tried many different beers from Tree House and they are always top notch. Tree House is a small batch craft brewer specializing in fine New England style IPAs. They do produce stouts, porters and a variety of other styles of beers, but the juice bombs like their Julius, Green, and Haze are what made Tree House become the legend that it is today. Unfortunately you can't find Tree House beers at your local liquor store, you need to travel to the brewery itself and wait in a long line in order to score any of this liquid gold. But it sure is worth it! Summer is a delicious Double IPA that brings out the feeling of Summer with notes of orange juice, mango, citrus sorbet, and sunshine.



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The Can

Summer is served in a full pint can. It has a gorgeous design, with blooming sunflowers amongst a backdrop of bright blue skies. I enjoyed this delicious beer while vacationing in Cape Cod last summer. Our family stayed in a country club condo that sat directly on the 7-hole of the golf course. It was a great place to enjoy the beer after a long day at the beach. It's always nice to have a can of Treehouse on hand.


The Beer

Summer had a bright, light yellow color when I poured it into a glass. It formed a perfect head of foam as you can see in the photo above. The flavor was delicious and juicy, with hints of mango and orange juice. It was a perfect pair for a sunny, summer afternoon on the Cape. Overall, I really enjoyed this great beer, just like every single one I have ever tried from Treehouse. I look forward to trying more beers from Tree House Brewing Company in the future.



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