By Jcvols | Jcvols | 19 Mar 2022

Have you ever needed to swap tokens from one blockchain to another? Of course you have, everyone has at some point. Well, with Symbiosis, you can now do just that in a very quick and simple manner. Just one look at the website's homepage, and you'll understand, this is a no frills design meant for one thing, simplicity. You won't see any glamorous graphics, eye candy to make you think "hey this site is legit", not here. It's a bare bones designed to provide a quick and effortless experience and it delivers just that. It's refreshing to see a business providing a service focus on that service as it's selling point and not lull you in to believing you are having a positive experience cause some catchy pictures flashed across your screen.

Symbiosis swap page

Now why would anyone want to trade one blockchain's native token for another? Well, how much time do you have? First, it could simply be because someone wants to get away from high gas fees, like current etherium holders experience on a daily basis. Gas fees on Etherium are crazy and, quite frankly, criminal in nature for anyone not a whale. The opportunity to finally get away from those high gas fees once and for all would be very enticing.

Perhaps you've found a new game based on a different blockchain and you want to support this new game in it's early phases, but all your coins are on a separate blockchain, well now, with Symbiosis, you can quickly transfer your current token allotment onto this other blockchain and invest into your newfound endevour.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to migrate blockchains, be it financially, entertainment, or just to condense your portfolio onto one blockchain (why though?) you can now do so without having a PHD with just a few simple clicks with Symbiosis. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think.

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