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By Jcvols | Jcvols | 9 Apr 2022

Free ADA anyone? Who could turn that down, right? Today I'm going to show you how I've made around $25 worth of ADA using the FreeCardano faucet. I have only so far used very simple methods with just a few game tasks that require anything more than to simply download it and open it up. I'll give a brief summary on what is necessary to complete the tasks and receive your points that you can then turn in for ADA.

First thing you want to do is head over to where you can sign up with just your email and begin spinning the wheel once every hour. Admittedly, this method will not get you rich and quite frankly, would take years to even reach the minimum withdrawal threshold of 5 ADA. That's where these tasks come in. By completing tasks, you can achieve 5 ADA easily within a day, and if you're really determined, could earn hundreds of ADA over a couple of weeks, however that would probably require doing some tasks where you subscribe or purchase things, which goes against my free crypto mantra.

To begin completing these tasks, you want to click on the drop down menu (3 lines in the upper right hand corner) and click on "Earn More". Once there, you have several options to choose from to earn points, from surveys to watching videos to playing/downloading games. Currently, I've decided to skip surveys for now and focus on tasks that require simple downloads or tasks that I view as relatively easy to complete. Occasionally I'll see a game that interests me with a huge reward so I'll give them a try. All tasks completed so far are in the AdGate section, so click that one and get to work.

Task 1: World Series of Poker--For this task you must be a first time user and install the game and then pick the winning hand correctly 5 times in a row in the Daily Blitz. It's not hard, but it's also not as easy as it seems. The more days you log in, the more time you have to pick, so be patient and eventually you will have time enough to complete this reward. (8315 tokens)
Task 2: Zynga Poker-Texas Hold Em--This is a simple search and download the game task.(120 tokens)
Task 3: Flash Rewards--Another simple download and run the app task. (290 tokens)
Task 4: CSR2 Drag Racing Game--Install the app and complete one race, its also a pretty fun game. (130 tokens)
Task 5: Braindoku--Install the app and complete level 3, pretty simple to do. (340 tokens)
Task 6: Game of Thrones Slots--Install the app and reach level 2, another easy one. (137 tokens)
Task 7: Harry Potter Puzzles and Spells--Install the app and complete the tutorials, takes about 5 minutes. (120 tokens)
Task 8: Vikingard--Complete Chapter 5. Easy to do and the game is actually pretty fun. (1300 tokens)
Task 9: GetUpside--Download the app and earn your first cash back on submission of receipt. This one is location dependent, and luckily some gas stations around here are part of this program. It's a good app that gives you cash back on gas purchases at select locations and also has some restaurants as well. (2000 tokens)

And there you have it, with little to no effort, you will have earned 12,752 points which equates to around $25 worth of ADA. I've already successfully withdrawn once, and now I'm working on building up to another $25 or so and withdraw again. These are just a few of the tasks you can complete to earn, there are literally hundreds of other tasks you can complete to make this site as lucrative as possible for you. Now go get that free ADA.

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