¿What would you do with a Bitcoin?

By JavierFinanzas | JavierWorld | 20 Aug 2023

I do not want to imagine the large number of ideas that come to mind at this precise moment, if you were to win a Bitcoin that for many is nothing, for others it is something and for me it would be a lot, what would you do with a Bitcoin Would you spend it or save it?

In my case, I would burst into tears, but they would be tears of joy, because for me, seeing more than 25,000 US dollars would be one of my greatest achievements as a crypto-entrepreneur, it reflects the success that I have achieved as a person thanks to the learning that a lot of study has left me, perseverance and dedication.



This question generates two answers, the first of which is that if I earn that Bitcoin from my day-to-day work and the success of my investments, then I would continue investing by diversifying my portfolio.

But if I earn that Bitcoin from nothing, things change, I do not generate any effort, and I would distribute it in the following way: I leave half of the Bitcoin and put it in savings, to be able to generate interest, and the rest of the Bitcoin I I convert into USDT to be able to afford the investment of the business of my dreams, which would be to set up a supermarket with affordable prices for all types of public.



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