By JAQ61188 | JAQ61188 | 30 Dec 2019

Nobody calls anymore

unless it's their job

people are scared of their 

own voices, so they text

because it's easier 


Also you can't sound

like a moron who is too 

drunk or too nervous

through a text


There's safety in texts

because one doesn't have

to hear a screaming voice

when things go wrong

one doesn't have to hear

human emotions in a text


ALL CAPS and exclamation points

no one unless you are a fragile soul

and who has a fragile soul these days

when you can hide in a text?

you can hibernate like a bear

in a text


it's that simple and isn't that what

most of us want these days

for things to be simple?


Who cares about human emotions?

Emotions are scary

Emotions are scary


So why not hide in a text?

It's simple to hide but

tough to face 


I am a guy from new jersey who is currently getting a masters in accounting. I also like to write poetry. IG: JosephAndrew27 I write handwritten poetry.


Here I will lie poems that will hopefully make you think or give you a smile.

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