Binance coming back to Japan?

By glastar | Japan Crypto News | 17 Jan 2020

Binance, known as the largest crypto exchange, started discussion with "Z Holdings", the major Japanese IT company aka Yahoo Japan, to negotiate for a strategic partnership with "Z Corporation"(subsidiary of Z Holdings) and "TaoTao", Japan based crypto exchange invested by "Z Holdings".


Binance had also announced they will restrict Japanese residents from their platform.


This is considered they will follow the guideline by J-FSA(Japan Financial Service Agency) that every exchange must register under Japanese regulatory for business in Japan.

Binance was warned by J-FSA at 2018 for providing service to Japanese residents without licensed as a registered exchange.


They will now follow the regulations in Japan and will prepare a Japan based crypto trade service collaborating with the group of Yahoo Japan.  


Monacoin has pumped with the since of hope that it will be listed on Binance when they launch their platform in Japan.


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