Triple Threat — 3 deals to earn you $565

Hey folks, welcome to another edition of Triple Threat, where just like in my previous editions, I’ll highlight three deals that will help you make relatively quick and easy returns, this time totaling up to more than $500 dollars. The bonuses are a bit higher than my last Triple Threat article, and I’ll outline how to get access each one.

Without any further ado, here’s this edition’s offers…

Fidelity Bloom : At least $100 but up to $130

So if you max this offer out, you’ll most likely earn at least $130, but the standard bonus is $100 after a $50 deposit:

It’s a bit wonky opening this deal up, because after you go to this signup link, you’ll be prompted with a QR code to download the Fidelity Bloom app. You do need to go through the app (available on IOS and Android) but upon application if you already have an existing Fidelity account, you can tie this one to your original login. Once opened you’ll notice that you just opened a ‘Save’ and a ‘Spend’ account.

Once you have $50 dollars deposited, in just after 7 days, your $100 bonus should arrive, but I should mention that you their introductory offer gives an extra “10% match on your first $300 off deposits” into your Save account:

I don’t know anywhere that offers 10% on your fiat, but that’s a nice bit of extra icing on the cake on top of that $100 bonus — all of which is FDIC insured.

Chime: $155

Another FDIC insured product is Chime. There’s a normal referral signup bonus for $100, but do NOT settle for that because for a limited time (8/30/23), Swagbucks is offering a bonus of 15500 SB for an account opening worth $155. The terms are essentially the same for the Swagbucks offer and require two consecutive payroll deposits of more than $200 each. It’s a bit of a pain yes, but if you get paid at least bi-weekly basis, this will generate nearly a 5000% APY return on your $400 deposit.

After the SB (also simply known as Swagbucks) credit into your account, you can easily redeem them at a rate of 1SB to 1 cent in the form of gift cards or just straight up cash if you have a paypal account. Once a month you can also get even better than 1:1 redemptions if you get a gift card that’s on sale:

I myself routinely go for the $25 dollar Amazon gift cards for 2,200 SB (equivalent to $22 dollars).

SoFi: At least $200 up to $280

Another deal on Swagbucks comes from SoFi, which I’ve written several times before. The standalone offer of $200 is one of the highest that I’ve seen, and should be stackable with the other offers that are also currently available:

Similar to the Chime offer, in order to qualify for the $200 bonus you must have a direct deposit of at least $250. (And just in case if you’re wondering, the $200 bonus alone after 1 month would be more than a 115,000% APY return.)

Even if the bonuses are the main thing that’s catching your eye, you might actually want to use your SoFi account regularly considering that they offer a 4.50% APY on fiat, in addition to no ATM fees at 55,000 locations worldwide.


Free money is always awesome, especially when it comes with minimal risk. All of these deals are FDIC/SIPC insured, which means essentially that your funds are backed by the Federal government for at least up to $250,000. I think the biggest pain is just making sure that your offer tracks on Swagbucks — I’ve had more than a 90% success rate for all the different Swagbucks offers I’ve done over the years, but even if the money for some reason didn’t track, after going through customer service I've always ended up getting the bonus as long as I’ve properly completed the Terms & Conditions. That being said, I’ve been using Swagbucks for 8 years now and I’ve been able to earn $1000’s of dollars over that time. If you’re new to Swagbucks, please consider supporting this blog and using my referral link to earn $13 dollars worth of SB and open a free account:

And as always, thanks for taking the time to read this and be sure to follow me on twitter ( to get all my latest updates. Also, looking for a gift for your Crypto-loving/hating friend? Give them a REKT journal to cheer them up!


Disclaimer: None of this information is financial advice, and is just speculation from me, a random guy on the internet. Please consider this for purely educational and entertainment purposes. As always, please do your own research or contact a financial advisor to find what investments might be best for you.

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