Dogecoin. My 2nd favorite crypto

By jadams2k18 | jadam2k18 | 17 Jul 2019

Today I come to talk to you about Dogecoin, the puppy's cryptocurrency. It is my second favorite cryptocurrency because it is low priced, it is within my reach (today, July 13, 2019, according to CoinMarket, it has a value of $0.0032) and in addition, it maintains a stable price, its transactions are fast and its blockchain uses Litecoin's algorithm (Scrypt and SHA-256); which makes it completely anonymous, decentralized and secure.

It may not be a cryptocurrency to make millions and for the same reason, it may not be very attractive to investors. However, Binance has agreed to list Dogecoin on its exchange (YAY!).

It can be used to buy goods and services, as well as other cryptocurrencies. Best of all, transaction fees are very cheap (another plus).

This cryptocurrency was created by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus in 2013; initially, it originated as a joke about the internet meme (the famous Shiba Inu breed dog) and more as a proof of the concept of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. This crypto became very popular and many communities have become attached to it just like me.


Shiba Inu


In the world of crypto assets, it may not be an ambitious project or the one with the best future, but it is one of the most used cryptocurrencies, very popular and that for me is the most important thing. Rest assured that it is much safer than any new ICO or IEO.

It doesn't have to be the best project to succeed, in my opinion, all the features mentioned above have a lot of influence. Dogecoin maybe is an underdog crypto, my kind of crypto.

By the way, Dogecoins are also mined in the same way as Bitcoins, but unlike Bitcoins, which it has a limit, Dogecoins have no limit on the amount that can be produced. Its abundant nature means that its price is always low. But the world of cryptocurrencies is not governed by common sense and Dogecoin is proof of this.

On its website, you can download a wallet to mine dogecoin from your computer. But I must warn you that you will have to download the whole Dogecoin blockchain first (about 122 Gigabytes).

But no worries, any desktop or mobile device wallet (or even paper wallet) can be used to store your Dogecoin.




Again, thank you so much for coming with me here.


Keep spreading the crypto love G4rHB7r.png



Thanks for passing by!



I remind you, again, that this is my opinion and I am not an expert in trading or finance. They are only suggestions and the best thing is that you do your research on your own before investing in cryptocurrencies.


Background image by Pete Linforth at Pixabay

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