How to send and receive coins with Atomic Wallet

How to send and receive coins with Atomic Wallet

By JackYang | JackYang | 3 Jun 2020

       Hello, in this article I will share briefly with you about how to receive and send coins with Atomic wallet. As we know, Atomic Wallet allows storing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, Tron, ... And more than 300 different types of Coin / Token without losing any cost. So it can be said that it is the most convenient wallet if you intend to store a lot of coins. The interface is very user friendly, simple, eye-catching, easy to see.

**How to receive Coin Please follow these steps:


   +/ Step 1: Select a property you want to receive and click on the address, so it will be automatically copied to the clipboard. Make sure the property selected is correct.

   +/ Step 2: Paste the wallet address into the "Send" field of the corresponding wallet. Then wait for 5-30 minutes. All money will be automatically transferred to Atomic. Then you check the transaction.

 **How to send Coin to another wallet:


   +/ Step 1: Click the "SEND" button.

   +/ Step 2: Insert your Atomic Amount, Address and Password and Destination Card as Tag or Memo (if required). The best addresses are Tag as XLM, XRP, BNB, ... On the exchange

   +/ Step 3: Calculate your amount with fee. For example, if I have 1 BTC and want to transfer it to another address. The fee will be 0.0002. That means I will only be able to deposit 0.9998 BTC. If your transaction is not carried out, try to reduce your amount and try again, possibly due to the increase of network fees, so you must do so. Then click on "SEND" and check your transition status in the blockchain.

I wish you success and earn lots of coins!

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