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What is Freehold?

In this article I will describe what Freehold is. You may be wondering why, I just chose this topic for the article?

I am involved in this project because its mission is to extend the usefulness of Bitcoin, which is more than just its storage, popularly known as "HODL". In addition, I believe that you should also get to know Freehold. Perhaps you will also find this project interesting and you want to join it and get involved in it.

Today, people mostly buy cryptocurrencies and store them for some time to sell them for a profit. Not all but most of them are not aware users of the projects that these cryptocurrencies represent and are not involved in the community of the project. As a rule, they are interested in the price chart on the stock exchange and how the price of a given cryptocurrency changes. They are counting on speculating to make huge profits. They just follow the buy, hold, sell for profit and forget model.


Freehold believes that we need to abandon this attitude towards cryptocurrencies as a casino that gives us big profits thanks to luck and blind luck. The Freehold community is the first step towards evolving from the crypto casino to the informed and valuable decisions that the crypto community makes.


So how do you do it?
We certainly need more than just buying and holding cryptocurrency. It is necessary to increase the usefulness of a given project so that it naturally acquires fundamental value.

Investors who have invested their money in a given project will consciously want to help in its development. They will get the tools to do so. Thanks to this, they will become not only investors but also builders and co-creators. In this way, members of the resulting community will be strongly motivated to help this community and the project grow!


What is Proof of Hodl Login?

proof hodl login

Proof of Hodl Login is the ability to access a community or application only for the fact that you have certain cryptocurrencies. So you are a Holder and you can do more.

You join a community not because you bought a token to earn a lot on its price increase, but because that community represents values or topics that you believe in and want to support. The cryptocurrency of this project would be the key to access the community, additional functions and opportunities.  

An example of such a Proof of Hodl Login concept can be my $JKCOIN personal token. If you have it, you have access to many privileges, e.g. access to the closed JKCOIN HOLDERS group, additional discounts on purchases in my company OpenArt Studio, a dedicated category with Premium products in the store available only for JKCOIN Holders and many more benefits!


JKCOIN is an example of a small community focused only on me, my IT company, my financial blog and everything I represent.

Just imagine some global project or ideas bringing together millions of people! Imagine the Bitcoin community! Here we come to the answer to the question what is Freehold?


What is Freehold?

Freehold is a community of cryptocurrency stakeholders focused on improving the reputation, usability and mission of their resources. The topic of community interest is Bitcoin and making it usable.

Image 01 Logo Light

The Freehold community is just emerging. There are a few founders who could be compared to the company's founders. The first members of the Freehold community are the first employees of the company who are naturally involved in its development and identify with the company.

A system of attractive incentives offered by Freehold was created, rewarding the community for its contribution to development. The Bitcoin and STX cryptocurrencies serve this purpose, which first gives users proof of hold login and then gives further incentives to get involved.

For example, by performing smaller tasks, you receive rewards, thus building a larger project, which is the Stacks 2.0 ecosystem, making the Bitcoin cryptocurrency useful!

There has been a huge community around the world for several years now. Freehold today provides it with tools and resources to help this community work more effectively for the idea of Bitcoin and the increase in the utility of this cryptocurrency thanks to Stacks 2.0.

I believe that in the future Stacks 2.0 may create a new internet that we do not know yet. And the project itself is certainly one of the most interesting for the coming years.

new internet

Therefore, wouldn't it be worth taking part in it by joining the Freehold community?

I think so. If you want to join the Freehold project, go to this page:

If you are officially accepted into Freehold, you will receive 25 USD in BTC!


Find out more here:

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Jacek Kolodziejczak
Jacek Kolodziejczak

B2B Freelancer, Web Developer

Jacek Kolodziejczak
Jacek Kolodziejczak

Hello. I am B2B Freelancer - Web Developer. I am invertor, enthusiast of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

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