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To follow or be followed - Here's my Top 9 Publish0x Authors πŸ˜‹

By papaPutra | itspapaputra | 24 May 2020

Selamat Pagi.

image of cutie sayin

Nowadays I'm quite unmotivated to write new articles and just waiting USDIDR to hit 20000 mark or at least 19000 so I can start trading with extra money I get from USD, seems likely to happen next month or two- but well idk it's just my speculation.

Umm.. Wait- why I'm became off-topic

Anyway... πŸ˜…

So, there's a interesting event on Publish0x as its celebrating 100k mark of registered users. Tip is increased 30% for a week, that small Twitter and Telegram events, and a writing contest.

I participated on its Telegram event but I skipped on its Twitter event considering I only had 1 bot follower at the time of writing, and- no I'm not sad about that.
Well, about writing contest... i have gone this far so why not.

So, here's my favorite Publish0x authors!! πŸ€—

1. That one guy with strange Line stickers as his profile picture - @tomoyan

image of weird line stickers

image of another weird line sticker

Yes, this kind of stickers πŸ˜‚

If asked why I follow him, it mostly because:

  • 1. Because short articles by Japanese guy is interesting.
  • 2. I knew he's tipping on my posts
  • 3. He didn't forgot the emojis
  • 4. I like emojis


2. That guy with conversational style articles - @Kurza-Twarz

image of chicken

Yes, he's using chicken as his profile picture. πŸ˜…

Everytime when I read article with:

  • 1. "Hey/Hello guys!" headline
  • 2. Unbelievable usage of pictures
  • 3. Epic conversational writing style πŸ‘
  • 4. Many words yet still easy to my eyes

I immediately knew it was written by this author even without looking at post's author name, this is why I like most of his articles.


3. That informative guy - @costanza

Sometimes games, sometimes analysis, and most importantly- his articles are based on his own thoughts and experiences.

I personally like his Learning Technical Analysis serie as it's helping new tradie like me learn about how to read charts before jumping straight investing or trading.


4. That trader with good analysis - @Robbit (CryptoChartWizard91)

I like good reads, and this guy deliver good reads - Everytime. πŸ‘πŸ‘

His article structure is mostly constant, interestingly formatted. You can mostly see inside of his article with parts like: "What Has Been Going On?" - "Are We Bullish Or Bearish" - "Where Can We Go From Here?"

Personally love the analysis and charts he made.


5. That news guy - @BlockchainAuthor

I like blockchain news.

Yes, that's it.

image of doge reading financial times

6. That meme guy - @Jhb0294 (Absolute Unit)

I like memes.

Stonks. πŸ“ˆ

image of stonks

7. That comprehensive guy - @MuyAsk

I myself quite lazy for doing a lot of research, so I usually just search a post on Publish0x with "Top Things You Should Know About {{insert_blockchain_name_here}}" and if found, I proceeding by take a look on this guy's post for answers.

Every of his posts are comprehensive as heck so thanks for the effort, you truly deserve that $7+ per posts. πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ


8. That administrator of course - @igort (Igor Tomić)

Because it's hard to resist a official news from platform's creator itself.

And I also knew obviously there's a lot of work for creating and moderating Publish0x site, so- many thanks for releasing such a quality platform.


9. Myself - @itspapaputra

Why? because he's...

  • 1. Bad at writing
  • 2. Using hillarious amount of emojis
  • 3. Need to stop using many anime screencaps
  • 4. Loves emojis & cute stuffs
  • 5. Trying to be informational even he sucks at it
  • 6. Love himself
  • 7. Tip mostly
  • 8. Grammar destroyer

btw as a bonus, click the pic below to see jumping cutie.

image of jumping cutie

10. You - @insertyournicknamehere

Just kidding. Go write good stuff.

Oh, you already write good stuff?! πŸ‘€πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ You should be under my radar then... πŸ˜…

Feel free to leave a comment below with top reasons why me and all Publish0x readers should check your articles~ Because, uhh.. interesting articles might attracts readers and followers a lot! πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

Na seriously, just tell me and any readers about your Publish0x profile or your favorite authors here on the comment, it's okay tho.

That's it I guess,
Good day πŸ‘‹

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