Publish0x's Ethereum tipping is ON?!?!!1!1! 😍
my first eth tip

Publish0x's Ethereum tipping is ON?!?!!1!1! 😍

By papaPutra | itspapaputra | 7 Aug 2020

Not in mood for writing lately, so recently I just read some good (sometimes post with misleading titles too) in Publish0x.

Till I noticed something.



Ethereum tipping is now enabled on Publish0x?!!!1!1! 😍😍🔥🔥🔥

This is really interesting moment especially when we're on bull cycle Rn 😆

Idk how many could I get with this new listed coin on Publish0x, considering there's other coins too with their own minimum withdrawal.

But hey, things are good! 10x from now seems likely in the future for Ethereum (not financial advice) so it seems rewarding and not that hard to met minimum withdrawal if I start from now.

So… uhh, yeah that's it! I'd continue tipping interesting posts on Publish0x, things are really became interesting anyway

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