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Indonesia blocks!?!!!!1!1! 😨😨😨

By papaPutra | itspapaputra | 13 May 2020

Indonesia government entities strikes again! But, not in good terms. 😓

Yesterday - I try to open from its app on android phone with my crappy, slow internet. It never loads its thing.

I thought It was caused by my internet speed so I proceed to enjoy my day with opening social media sites (which is a constant pain experience), watching some offline stuffs, listen to old mp3s, and forgetting about for a day.

Today - I still unable to open, deep inside I worried- "omg I'll lose the market trends" I thought.

So, I try to open its site directly from my web browser. What appears later made me shocked. 👇👇👇

image of Indonesia ISP's blocking

Indonesia government blocks my favorite market-screening site. 😭

They even marked it as Phishing or Betting site.

"This is seriously wrong. What even they're thinking." 😰 I questioning such a questionable decision that made by government entity who behind this thing - Bapebbti.

To clarify the thing, here's a brief explanation of the process 👉 Bapebbti is one of Indonesia regulators especially for financing activities, they can issue the thing to Kominfo - Ministry of Communication and Information Technology in Indonesia, and then Kominfo will tell any Indonesia ISPs to block the issued thing.

The ongoing rumors on Indonesia that they'll proceed further by blocking other sites like - Seriously, why? 😧

If this kept happening and they continue to block other market-screening sites, it's gonna be gloomy future for Indonesia, as many people on Indonesia with limited education would see these sites as Illegal sites that must be avoided - as in fact with proper education it's not.

This is misuse of power, Indonesia! 💢💢 Fortify your education and get your administrations done right!

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