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Healthy and Nutritional Airdrop Claiming is Important

By papaPutra | itspapaputra | 15 Jul 2020

Papa back writing stuff.

And this is the continuation of moi previous post: https://www.publish0x.com/itspapaputra/atomic-wallet-is-giving-free-15-awc-my-expectation-and-reali-xwxpkj (dont read)


Last month I managed to have my first $10 on cryptos. And I still remember a airdrop from a wallet that still exist. So- in order to get free AWC from airdrop, I transfer those ten buckies to my Atomic Wallet.

I'm excited.

But, I need to wait till next month to get the airdrop. So I wait.


image of me waiting

It's 15 July nao.

I'm excited, so I check my wallet.

me checking phone

But it's still not there :(


Something is wrong.

But the team must be workin veri hard to send those airdrops, as there must be many people which requesting their airdrop. So, I'm willing to wait.

me think burned office filled with stress people


The story continues to the next day...

And no... It's still not there, I checked.

Curiosity, I open my twitter and check their posts. They might post sum announcement in there.

Ah. I see.

People abusing their airdrop. (unlike me)

People are so greedy. (unlike me)

My full bet most of these mfs are from developing countries. (like me)


Feeling pretty sad I am. But I hope everyone can accept that and we can move on.

uhh, that's it i think.
bye bye.


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