Dear Atomic Wallet😡

By papaPutra | itspapaputra | 27 Aug 2020

Today i'm sad. 😢

Very Sad.

Few times ago i withdraw all my Publish0x earning directly to Atomic Wallet, because I believe that this wallet is convenient.

But today all of my belief was completely erased because i found out that THE. MOST. NEEDED. FEATURE. FOR. TRADIE. IS. UNSUPPORTED. ON. ATOMIC. WALLET™

Uniswap 🦄




bad wallet!!

Acknowledging there's no way trading with Uniswap using WalletConnect feature on this wallet make my heart splitter into pieces.

"How about that built-on ChangeNOW inside the atomic wallet for swapping tokens?" - Uhh… the problem is we can't trade unlisted tokens on there, only listed ones by ChangeNOW. 😐

So, yeah- as a result, today I need to find out how to move these tokens and how to get some extra ETHs for transferring and exchange on other wallet that supporting WalletConnect feature (that support uniswap).

Ok so what we can learn from this stupid post? Stupidly simple, i just wanna tell you if you need a wallet that supporting Uniswap with its WalletConnect feature, Atomic Wallet isn't the one (period). Don't be like me, find something else.

Imagine a crypto wallet with WalletConnect feature but not yet supporting uniswap tho… 🙁 If you have any wallet recommendations with WalletConnect feature (esp. for android) lemme know! 

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