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Crypto Browsers Comparison: Brave vs CryptoTab vs Netbox

By papaPutra | itspapaputra | 18 May 2020

Browser that earn you crypto? check ✔
Token's value more than $0.0001? check ✔
Safe and Legitimate? ummmmm……… 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Nowadays, people can get paid in crypto while doing everyday online activities. Yes, include browsing.

But hey, here's the questions.
Is using it worth your time? and, most importantly- Is it safe?

To clarify these things... In this article I'll do a quick comparison of Brave, Netbox, and CryptoTab browser. These browsers has the same concept but which one is the best? 🧐

Brave Browser

Image of lion cutie

Haha. Cute lion rite 🤗 (if you click it, she moves)

If talking about crypto browsers, hard to not mention Brave of course. 😉

image of Brave Browser screencap

Brave itself is a free and open-source web browser based on the Chromium web browser. It blocks anything you don't like while browsing, but also share its 70 percent of ad-revenue to anyone who viewing ads on their ad network.


  • ✔ Truly legitimate, it founded by founder of Mozilla & Creator of Javascript.
  • ✔ Open-Source 🥰
  • ✔ Enhanced security with Brave Shields. (Customizable blockers for trackers, ads, scripts, cookies, and more)
  • ✔ Build-in TOR for anonymous browsing
  • ✔ Advertisements data are transparent
  • Highest rewarding browser to date (1 BAT equals more than 0.1$)


  • ❌ Brave is using Chromium, and Chromium's default inspection tools for developers isn't as rich as Firefox's
  • ❌ Only use uphold platform for their BAT withdrawal 😢


Open-source, legitimate, and transparent.

Am I recommend this browser? well, I personally use Brave for everyday browsing (and Firefox for developer-related stuffs)... so, why not 🤗

  • Download with referral link:
    - I get $1 to $7 from this, it doesn't reduce your brave reward.
    - If you use this, thankyou 🙂
  • Download without referral link:
    - I get $0 from this, it doesn't reduce your brave reward.

CryptoTab Browser

image of CryptoTab browser screencap

CryptoTab is the world's first browser with built-in mining feature. It lets you earn cryptocurrency just by visiting sites, watching videos or chatting online.


  • ✔ Their website is truly clean so it seems like legitimate business (?)
  • ✔ Built-in miner, whoa you can mine fraction of pennies every day within the app! (unless you got many active referrals)

image of Brodie think of fishy crypto mining


  • ❌ Owner information or details of the origin is missing, I couldn't say that this is legitimate.
  • ❌ Closed-source, I couldn't say that this browser is safe for your everyday use.
  • ❌ No built-in ad-blockers
  • ❌ Minimum payout is $4 - This is truly high for users who doesn't promote their referral links.
  • ❌ The only way you can make healthy profit from this browser is using hundreds of referrals.


I personally can't recommend this browser. And so, I not gonna use referral link for this one. 😔

Netbox Browser

Image of Netbox Browser screencap

Netbox Browser is the first decentralized web browser with integrated blockchain node. It includes Netbox.Wallet, which is credited with rewards for the active usage of the browser.


  • ✔ Many upcoming products (I hate promises tbh but oh well)
  • ✔ Get reward by only using the browser or staking NBX (1 NBX equals more than 0.01$)

Imagine, you get rewarded only by using the browser.

image of cutie with epic



  • ❌ Co-founders are from Raison (a fintech company), never know them so I couldn't say that their app is legitimate or not 😅 - is it cons tho?
  • ❌ Their browser is closed-source, I couldn't say that their app is safe for everyday use.
  • ❌ No built-in ad-blockers
  • ❌ Redditors reporting that this browser injects ychrome_watcher.dll and a keylogger. Source:


As you can see from its cons above, I don't recommend this browser. Keylogger is scary after all- and so, I not gonna use referral link for this one.

Last warning. Use it with your own risk.

  • Download with non-referral link:
    - I get $0 from this, you get 20 NBX (only the first 125000 browser users will receive 20 NBX each)


With these comparison, I think it's very clear why Brave Browser quickly gain its reputation and win the comparison - and as you can see I don't like pushing referral codes for something I don't really like. 😅✌❤

But- well, do you just stick with Brave or do you use another ones?
Feel free to tell me your thoughts on the comments. 🙂

Always remember to use legitimate browser that doesn't try to play with your time.
Have a good day and see you on my next post 👋

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