Music the New Frontier
Music the New Frontier

By Rondo | It's all a Bit Crypto | 9 Jan 2020


The team at Rondo passionately believes that more education is required in the music industry about blockchain tech, decentralized platforms, and cryptocurrencies. So we constantly look for applications and platforms that can provide opportunities for wealth creation or at the very least new revenue streams to benefit artists as they navigate the waterways of the music industry. If you do not try how can you say something will not work, and if you do not take advantage of available opportunities how can one form an opinion about the use case.    

The number one challenge to user adoption of cryptocurrencies in the music industry or in general is the perceived barriers to entry and multiple difficulties associated with the initial first steps, where, what and how do I as an artist get started. What can I as an artist benefit from cryptocurrencies and how do we get our hands on some Bitcoin to save and or spend it.   

Traditional methods to support artists with vertical revenue streams rely on centralized platforms such as Banks, Credit Card providers and PayPal with clearance delays from 2 to 7 days as well as high transaction fees for the 3rd party platforms and this translates to less money in the pockets of artists.   

Along comes cryptocurrencies that do not rely on banks and ensures custody of the value remains in the hands of the holder as well as 24/7 access and self custodianship. The future of money as we know it already has more than 47 million people in the ecosystem and while this is just a drop in the ocean of 7 billion people, it is a growing ecosystem that is transforming the way we think about money in general.   

This issue we re-visit “Viberate” to provide an update and some recent highlights from the world's number 1 service that joins artists, places, events and festivals in the first truly global music network, all using Blockchain tech to manage and verify their massive industry database. With numerous new features available on, thousands of artists have joined in to claim their profiles and check out new gig opportunities at nearby venues. Easy filtering by location, multiple genres, and capacity has proved to be among the most popular features.  

As we know some talent needs just a little boost to get noticed, we decided to go the extra mile: they check every single musician who claims their profile and regularly pick 5 aspiring artists who get featured in Viberate Instagram and Facebook Stories. If you’re wondering who made their most recent list, check the Music Friday Highlights.  

When it comes to their platform, good word travels fast and by the end of November, they were thrilled to see the result of those travels: as their community grew to 20,000 contributors worldwide. United by a passion for music and armed with loads of music facts, every single contributor is able to share their knowledge and help artists breakthrough on a global platform. If you know your way around the music scene and are curious about joining their community, don’t miss these 3 reasons to become a contributor yourself:  

1. Support your local bands?

Help your local community of musicians and make sure they’re represented on a global music platform. Getting exposure is the first step. A lot of artists don’t have the means to create their own website, but on Viberate, they get their own ID with links to all their social media channels and streaming sites, top-performing content, and events. They can also use the ID link as a one-pager for pitching new gigs and getting to a new level.  

2. Be a part of your favorite artists’ success

Make sure your favorite artists stand out with a full profile. The more people get to know them, the more likely it is they’ll be noticed by the right people and blow up. And imagine telling your children how you were among the first who recognized the potential of a future superstar.  

3. Are you a smartass?

Are you the one in your group of friends who’s always ready to jump in with a music fact? Do you know how to solve a mystery in the realm of: “Which genre is Peggy Gou or Robert Babicz, anyway?” Do people turn to you when they’re looking for fresh music and you’ve got a batch of promising up-and-comers ready to go? Can you assist with top music venues off the cuff? Viberate is the place for you. Whenever your friends and family get fed up with listening to your music wisdom, you can turn to Viberate.  

Let’s play

They know how to spice it up. While adding and editing profiles on, you’ll collect points and badges all the way to the “master” level. The best contributors will be rewarded and recognized on a monthly chart of Top 10 contributors.   

Going Viral with Carl Cox & Charlotte de Witte 

The Good times just kept on rolling and ultimately brought about another reason for the festive season: Carl Cox and Charlotte de Witte, two of the hottest techno artists right now, saw the “Techno Invasion” article and shared it with their fans. Charlotte’s fan community even joked about naming her next album “Techno Invasion” — how cool is that?! 

We hope you enjoyed this little update and please do visit their website over the holidays and see all the fantastic work they are doing in the music industry, to support emerging talent across multiple genres, worldwide.   

For the Love of Music


The world of underground electronic music is an exciting place and we are at the intersection of music & tech, showcasing top emerging talent from our global collective and the latest technologies disrupting the music industry in general.

It's all a Bit Crypto
It's all a Bit Crypto

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