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It's all a Bit Crypto
It's all a Bit Crypto

It's all a Bit Crypto

A series of articles written by the founder of Rondo, a look at Blockchain Music and all the companies that are building disruptive platforms within the Music Industry. Published in "Iconic Underground Magazine".

Pizza & Sport - The Real Deal

1 week ago 2 minute read Rondo

I recently discovered Barstool Sports and as I was binge-watching their content on Youtube as we do, I was going deeper into the BS universe and found what has to be the most iconic Pizza review site and App on planet earth "One Bite". From the mind...

Are Cold & Hot Wallets truly secure?

9 Jan 2020 6 minute read Rondo

  Why do we need Cold and Hot wallets to secure digital assets? The Blockchain is the underlying tech layer made up of a decentralized ledger and in theory, a very secure data structure as there are a lot of distributed nodes that participate in th...

Music the New Frontier

9 Jan 2020 4 minute read Rondo

  The team at Rondo passionately believes that more education is required in the music industry about blockchain tech, decentralized platforms, and cryptocurrencies. So we constantly look for applications and platforms that can provide opportunities...

Travel the World with Crypto

9 Aug 2019 3 minute read Rondo

IT’S ALL A BIT CRYPTO In this article I take a deep dive into the dynamic festival travel industry, which is experiencing a global explosion of growth with little signs of slowing down. Check this out, according to data gathered from Festicket’s user...