residence of the Prince of Sanseverino

The Castle of Sanseverino

By fortujohnny | Italian Places | 25 Feb 2021

Hi everyone, I created this blog to introduce you to some less famous places in Italy. I want to start by telling you about one of my favorite places, also because it is located near my house. I'm talking about the SanSeverino castle, located in a small town near Salerno and the Amalfi Coast. Castle of Sanseverino, view from city of Mercato San Severino


It was built in the 12th century by the Normans: a knight, named Turgisio, received a small fiefdom from Robert de Hauteville, also known as "il Guiscardo" and built an imposing castle on the remains of a previous Lombard construction.

Access to the residence of the Prince of Sanseverino


This castle remained for centuries the property of the Sanseverino family, a powerful family of the kingdom of Naples that descended from the aforementioned Turgisio, with important military and control functions of the entire surrounding valley, until the fifteenth century when the Sanseverino family fell into disgrace at the king of Naples. Since then it has lost the function for which it was built and today it is partially ruined, remaining however the second largest Italian castle.

Place of arms

Finally, in recent decades the Sanseverino Castle has undergone a profound restoration action, thanks to the commitment of archaeologists and professors of the University of Salerno.


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Italian Places
Italian Places

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