ICOs; the magic of crypto

ICOs(Initial Coin Offering)

ICO(Initial Coin Offering)

An ICO involves new coins or projects with real use cases that hopes to solve blockchain problems or challenges using innovative solutions or methods.The project usually involve sales of tokens, sold at discounted price.....you buy some units of.... minimum is like a 100$ worth, and max say 500 to 1000$

When bought, it is locked most of the time for some months or a year...and when released....that quantity you bought a 100$ may become 60,000$ or 100,000$.. we have seen alot of stories that transformed people's lives ...the appreciated value can be below or more than what I stated depending on the quantity you purchased and how many X% the coin is valued at as when you are receiving it, compared to when you purchased it and the price peg it's being traded at.....

So u know what it means when 100$ is giving u 80,000$ ....this is not Ponzi please....it's the magic of an ICOπŸ™‚

A reputable portal for participating in an ICO is coinlist platform...To set up an account, you will require Ur international passport (best option) or other forms of legit identification...you can set up your coinlist Account using the link below


Although, ICOs are becoming more competitive...cos no of people registering for it are increasing tremendously!
For an ICO, you can have as much 500k+ justling for slots to buy an ICO.....and the ICO may just have 50 to 200k slots ..so you can understand

Coinlist will always update you about upcoming ICOs via ur email u registered Ur Account with or via their twitter handle which u can follow. When you are updated, you will need to register for the round of sales you are participating in and on d said date, you will be sent a link that will grant u access to your coinlist portal so u can be placed on a queue randomly to participate in an ongoing ICO

Round of Sales are the different sales the ICO is offering the coin at various discounted price! As per ICOs and how to know good ones ;

πŸ™‚Coinlist ICOs are good cos coinlist is a reputable platform that verifies project before conducting an ICO of such project on their platform!

πŸ™‚Coinlist will always provide a link so u can read, watch videos and understand the project u wish to invest in, it's use cases and how to plans to solve blockchain problems!

πŸ™‚Always view the tokenomics ( road map or plan of how a project/coin/or token plans to become valuable) and the team(developers/researchers) behind such projects and verify their social media handles if u wish

An upcoming ICO is "Centrifuge" ...link is below, Read, watch and understand how ICO projects are offered!

When u set up your coinlist Account, register for the ICO as registration for such events are timed...can be closed at anytime!


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