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By 828889 | Islandstacker | 30 Jun 2021


Last week I wrote about the four games I play to earn satoshi's, but other than playing games another way I earn sats is through bitcoin faucets. Currently I'm using Bitcoinker to earn a few sats every 5 minutes.

It's simple to start, all you need is a your wallet address, then solve the CAPTCHA and click on "Claim Bitcoin" and from there you wait for the timer to sound off every 5 minutes and repeat. Simple.


Sats Graph


I started using the faucet on June 14th where I earned 140 sats, latest figures has me at 1,134 sats (30/06/21). On average I'm claiming around 4-5 sats every 5 minutes, there was only one instance where I collected 50 sats. 



Similar to the games I spread out my time clicking, remember you can claim every 5 minutes so more often than not I just click and walk away if I'm really busy. Otherwise I spend a good 30 minutes on the site and another 20-30 minutes playing games, that way I keep earning my sats daily. 


Watching Ads, filling out surveys and downloading certain apps is all good, but it ain't for me, from my experience most the times there are no surveys to fill, the apps you have to download require to play to a certain level or purchase a certain package. I have neither the time nor the money to lose on those things, that's where the the games and the faucet come in, free, quick and instant. 

What faucets have you used and would recommend for me to try out?

Catch me next week as I write up about my experience with the Brave browser.



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