Aloha, I chantel just had my first child in august of 2019. My son is going to be 2 soon and I am noticing that all the things that he is eating, I was eating when I was pregnant with him. All I use to eat was top ramen and butter with jelly on white bread, and that is 2 of my sons favorite things to eat. He also loves strawberry milk and that is what I was drinking also when I was pregnant with him. He loves to chew on little pieces of ice cubes. I was doing that when I was pregnant with my son as well. I just find it funny that I am only now am starting to notice that my son is eating the things that I was eating when I was pregnant with him. Is there any other mother out there that experienced or is experiencing the same thing with there child? Please comment below, would love to know your thoughts.


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Telly1Love (aka:Chantel)
Telly1Love (aka:Chantel)

I am Chantel, born & raised on the Big-Island of Hawai'i. I grew up in a small town called Ka'u. I loved going 2 the beach, Hanging out with family/friends, & love my animals ,I love to sing & write my own songs. I now am married have a 3yr old&live in PA


Imagine waking up and opening your tent and seeing the ocean waves hitting the shoreline, the sun just starting to rise, and the breeze is just so perfect right under the palm trees. Imagine stepping out onto the warm sand under your feet and between your toes. Imagine looking at all this while holding the love of your lifes hand. The love of my life found me in paradise. In paradise anything is possible.

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