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Addicting Game! You got an addicting game?


Aloha, I chantel am back to tell you about my number one addicting game. My number one addicting game is called "LIVE PLAY BINGO" . I mean literally once I start playing I am in full focus to my screen on my phone. I only get daub hints like so many times, and power ups also. And if you refer friends you get bingo credits as well. So I really do not want to be disturbed when I start playing my game. They also give you free bingo credits if you watch videos. Bingo credits are basically your tokens you are given to play around of bingo. This game is also a non money earning, it is playing for fun for everyone.  There is a spin wheel for bingo credits, coins, and power ups. The are always updating there app and adding new things. They just recently added a casino slot machine for getting rewards and stuff to play bingo. Live bingo also has an app store , like every app I'm sure, you can go into the app store and buy bingo credits, coins, or power ups, there is also bundle deals available in the app store. Live play bingo is really a live host broadcasting. Sometimes the host will broadcast from there main station a studio which is located in Los Angeles, or the host will broadcast from there home, which live play bingo just recently started doing with their hosts. 




I got addicted to playing this game because it takes away lots of stress in the day or maybe moment that I am having, Or I just play to relax and have fun. There are a lot of people playing from all over the world literally. There is also a live chat that is on the main screen for players to communicate with the host and the other players. feel free to check out live play bingo, its an awesome game , I love playing and am at level 56 already. I would say yea I'm addicted to the game "LIVE PLAY BINGO" .

Please feel free to leave your comments on what game you are addicted to playing and just can't get enough of, I would love to hear about it. Like me its "LIVE PLAY BINGO" that is my game that I am addicted to indeed!


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Telly1Love (aka:Chantel)
Telly1Love (aka:Chantel)

I am Chantel, born & raised on the Big-Island of Hawai'i. I grew up in a small town called Ka'u. I loved going 2 the beach, Hanging out with family/friends, & love my animals ,I love to sing & write my own songs. I now am married have a 3yr old&live in PA


Imagine waking up and opening your tent and seeing the ocean waves hitting the shoreline, the sun just starting to rise, and the breeze is just so perfect right under the palm trees. Imagine stepping out onto the warm sand under your feet and between your toes. Imagine looking at all this while holding the love of your lifes hand. The love of my life found me in paradise. In paradise anything is possible.

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