Real Estate has picked up pace

By codingdefined | CodingDefined's Blog | 29 Jan 2023

I have started searching for some good plots to buy for investment as most of my investment is in either Stocks or Mutual Funds and thus not getting the good advantage of real estate booming out here. I purchased a small plot last year but again that is for building a home for myself and it's not for our investment purpose. So yesterday decided to actually check the prices of the nearby places.



Believe me, the prices have almost increased by 25% in the last 1 year. When I compared the prices from last year or so the real estate market has picked up a lot. Previously 2020 and 2021 were quite a year where there was not much of an investment in real estate and now almost every other guy is buying the plot. There are some which have been sold out in like 3 months and people have started paying the premium amount too to buy the land.

People have started buying it because most Indians believe in real estate or Gold investment. Since gold has not given such a good profit in the last year or so. So people have started looking for alternative investment and thus land is the best deal for them. They know that land will never give them negative returns even though they might not get good returns too.

Real estate as of now is the most illiquid form of investment but still, people are willing to buy it because people know that if the area is good, the land can be sold at any point in time and that is true to some extent. The builders too buy it again and sell them again at a premium.

So yeah the real estate investment has picked up the pace and there is no stopping it in the near future I guess. Are you investing in real estate too, what is the condition of real estate prices in your area? Is it good to invest in real estate now?

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I am a Proud Indian working as a developer in the tech hub of India (Bangalore). I am also a blogger who loves to write about technology, finance and programming.

CodingDefined's Blog
CodingDefined's Blog

I am a Proud Indian working as a developer in the tech hub of India (Bangalore). I am also a blogger who loves to write about technology and programming.

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