Old Cards Proving Beneficial Now in Splinterlands

By codingdefined | CodingDefined's Blog | 13 Feb 2023

I have not sold a single Alpha, Beta or any other card which I have got for reward or if I have bought. The main reason is that I want to improve my CP along with that I am also thinking of playing long-term. I know playing takes time but I usually play for some time every day to get 2-3 chest rewards and sometimes when I am free I go with more daily chest rewards like 8 to 10. Now when more and more rules are getting added to the game, I feel some of the cards actually benefit a lot.


One such rule is the "Going the Distance" where only monsters with ranged attack may be used which was added on January 24, 2023, by Splinterlands. With these rulesets, more cards will b used in the battle which was not having any utility before. Now there can be a number of cards which we can play in this rule but the main problem comes in the first position because when using the ranged attack, these cards cannot attack in the first position.

I have one such card which can be used in the first position, which is having both melees and ranged attack and i.e. War Chang.

Though I have only a level 1 card for this, still it is quite beneficial because I can start the attack from the first position. There might be some new cards too with this setup but again if someone is playing from the beginning they might have a good number of cards which can help them play in some of the new rules.

Since I am in the Silver level, for me this works and I can win some matches using this. With more and more upper levels I have to increase my card holdings to win more and more but until that time I am ok with the winning ratio being almost 1.2-1.4 times. And the best part of this card is that it is of Neutral level so I can use this with any summoners. I am also hunting for this type of card if there are any so that I will have a double attack from the start of the game itself.

Though I also have some cards with "Ability Close Range", the range card which can attack from the first position. And these cards are also beneficial for the "Going the Distance" ruleset. So yeah with all the new rules, it's getting exciting to play and thus try to outplay the opponents sometimes. When the start of this ruleset I was winning a lot of games as the bot was not configured for these rules. Now as time passes by the bots are also configured for the rules.

So it is good for the game because when new and exciting rules come in, more and more people can enjoy playing with new rulesets and get something new to experience.


If you want to play Splinterlands then you can join it here.

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I am a Proud Indian working as a developer in the tech hub of India (Bangalore). I am also a blogger who loves to write about technology, finance and programming.

CodingDefined's Blog
CodingDefined's Blog

I am a Proud Indian working as a developer in the tech hub of India (Bangalore). I am also a blogger who loves to write about technology and programming.

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