Hive Platform Gives Everyone Trading Opportunity

I tried trading a lot of time and thus could not succeed much where either I sold quite early or have not repurchased when it was slow. From there I have decided to keep my crypto and not actually do trading. The problem with exchanges is that you have to pay fees too for every trade you do. Also since my KYC and everything is done on the central sale I might have to give 1% for each trade (Indian Government Law) and thus it's not quite profitable to trade there for me at least.

On the contrary, on Hive platform everyone out here can be a trader where they can convert their Hive to HBD or HBD to Hive based on their requirements and the market conditions. I am not even talking about Hive Layer 2 tokens which again give much more options for the traders to enjoy trading and getting a profit.

Now since the Hive has a pump today where we have seen almost a 40% rise, anyone who bought around $0.40 or less might have a good profit. Now, this is what trading means, when you have bought at $0.40 and sold it at $0.58 you are actually making a profit of $0.18. So even if you have done 100 Hive that means $18 profit. This profit is quite good, to be honest for starters. I know we do not get this type of opportunity always. But again little profit is much better than no profit at all.


For me, I bought some Hive when it was going down and thus bought at $0.40, $0.30 and other times. Now when I am selling at the hive, I have got some profit. Also if Hive goes back to $0.40 (I want it so that I can buy it again), I can buy it again and get that profit in hand.

So yeah Hive platform gives everyone equal opportunity to actually trade and get profit whenever it is.

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I am a Proud Indian working as a developer in the tech hub of India (Bangalore). I am also a blogger who loves to write about technology, finance and programming.

CodingDefined's Blog
CodingDefined's Blog

I am a Proud Indian working as a developer in the tech hub of India (Bangalore). I am also a blogger who loves to write about technology and programming.

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