Reasons why Dash is Killing SWIFT Softly

It is no doubt that the time for old financial systems has come for them to up their game or venture into other untapped businesses. The entry of blockchain technology has seen SWIFT shift its focus to reduce the consumer headache of receiving and sending their hard earned money.

Why would money take several weeks when you need to spend it in an hour? Why should populations suffer because your remittance service provider is slow and uncaring? Well, Dash has all the solutions. Charitable organizations and donors are shunning banks and traditional money remittance channels and jumping into the Dash (DASH) ecosystem.

Dash runs on blockchain and sending and receiving money is fast and almost free. it beats SWIFT hands down since it does not have other institutions to communicate with causing delays. All you need is DASH supported wallet and your money is sent directly in under a minute.

With SWIFT, money can take up to a month depending on the country. What’s more; the remittance outfit fee is outrageous and does not make sense in modern times. Many observers argue that it is better to deliver cash physically than using SWIFT or the existing banking system.

Anti-money laundering regulations are healthy but if it affects how you withdraw or the amount of money you can withdraw at any given time, then it becomes a problem especially in emergency cases. Why should banks put a cap on how much you can withdraw through an ATM?

Dash and cryptocurrencies are changing the lives of many in those remote areas where banking facilities are only available in urban centers.  Dash InstantSend money transfer takes only 2 seconds when systems are busy and costs under $0.2 irrespective of amounts involved.

The Dash ecosystem is transparent and public and anyone can track their money movement through the system; no third parties to worry about. This enables users to have total control of their funds 24/7. Banking systems have in the past exposed their weak points and your data is always compromised. With the new tech, any entries in the network are immutable and your date is secured and can only be accessed with user consent.

Dash usable solution is more superior compared to SWIFT. The super-fast speeds and low fees is what the consumer has been missing. This has touched the lives of many who do not have access to banking facilities.

Dash changes how you interact with your money irrespective of location as long as you have access to your wallet. DASH visibility keeps growing and soon will be among the most popular crypto brand in the world.

Dash growing merchant adoption is a major boost for DASH coin usability, with more than 4,000 merchants and ATMs spread across the globe, you do not need to have a bank account or even try using SWIFT.


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