Publish0x: Moving the Cheese for Steemit

If you have been a Steemit active participant in the last few months and you have tasted the Publish0x platform, you must have noticed the Steemit cheese is shifting base. There are many blockchain tech backed platforms that are empowering the publisher but publish0x appears to have broken the barriers and setting the social publisher free.

The market has not been very vibrant and this has hit on the value of various coins and tokens but Steemit appears to be stuck and a shift of focus is headed to the shinier platforms and Publish0x, Basic Attention and Snax which are now stealing the show.

Instant Blockchain Transactions

One feature that crypto goers look for in a rewarding platform is instant transactions. Tipping on Publish0x is instant and you cannot influence the total tip you get; your content quality and engagement determines the tip you get from your peers.

With Steemit, there are geo-groupings that vote for their friends irrespective of the quality of the content shared. The Whales influence on the platform has driven the minnows to the periphery with many new participants looking for an exit plans but still want to hold on to leave with their meagre  earning yet to reach the transfer or withdrawal threshold.

Publish0x Lessons

Publish0x must have done their homework right and are capitalizing on where Steemit has failed. The consumer on the others hand is demanding more than the platform can offer hence a better platform will see mass exodus from older outfits and Steemit cheese is moving.

The modern crypto investor in no longer scared of volatility but instead looking at the individual benefits a project offers and publish0x is poised to shake the market leaders in the sane niche. The platform is still in the beta stage and already causing jitters in the crypto sphere.

It will be interesting to see how the social network lovers will interact with tipping and rewarding blockchain based projects that support the publisher for their online activities. It is a space to watch and the future holds a lot of prospects for outfits that are converting crypto adorers into adopters without spending a dime!

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