Dash, My Choice Crypto; what is your Digital Asset?

Dash, My Choice Crypto; what is your Digital Asset?

For the last few years I have been investing in crypto, I have interacted with various digital assets and Dash has given me a new perspective in the blockchain industry. Since hitting the market in 2014, the coin has improved a lot and the development around it indicates a bright future.

However, many of my peers keep insisting that the outfit is semi-private, which is true but what fascinates me is the level of privacy, the governance structure and the time it takes me to send and receive mu DASH.

While it takes long to receive cryptocurrencies from other platforms like Bitcoin, Dash is smooth all the way. This is one of the reasons why DASH fits into my lifestyle. Since I stopped using fiat through PayPal to buy goods and services online, transaction costs have gone down significantly.

One of the problems I have been facing is the low number of Dash merchants I can do business with. Since the middle of 2018, the increment of DASH holders has opened more opportunities for me and I now have choices when it comes to service and product pricing; no more haggling.

With new privacy coins entering the crypto sphere, Dash coin mixing has always fascinated me. This gives me confidence when dealing with my customers since no one can trace the products am buying for them online. They also know that no one can trace their transactions.

Transacting with Dash is easy and anyone can be able to send and receive DASH, thanks to the Dash Evolution. This is an API that allows users to transact DASH without necessarily involving the blockchain itself. This has seen increased usability and hopefully it is soon going to translate into profits in my business; more DASH users, more profits.

Dash growth has been consistent and anyone looking for a coin that has use case, this could be the platform to come onboard. The current price of DASH might be prohibitive as an entry digital asset but it is worth the hassle.  

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