My experience with Coinbase and their earning program!

By irussher | irussher blog | 26 Dec 2020

Hello everybody this is my second post and I'll talk about my experience using Coinbase wallet and how do I got some extra $$ from it! 

First of all this is not anything related to create fake accounts! You can get banned for that so avoid it. 

Coinbase has an earning program where you can win a few bucks in multiple different crypto, from 6$ ones to 40$ per coin

Again being new to the crypto world I was so sceptical about it once again. But yeah I opened a Coinbase account and ive signed up for every curse available at the time. 

After a few days I got accepted and I successfully did all the curses for my surprise I got the money in the moment for each of them and I could withdraw or do whatever with it. 

You just need to answer a couple of answers per curse, and that's it you will get the money in your Coinbase account. 

After this night thought ive could made the same with my girlfriend and mom account so I went ahead and done it and that gave to me another amount in crypto! After that I sent everything to my personal account. 

So if you are new like me and want to get some  free crypto to start with building your portfolio go ahead and open a Coinbase account! Go to their earn program and sign up for the curses! 

Good luck and again if you are reading this your amazing! Thank you so much and happy holidays!🎄🎅🔔❄

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